Thursday, 26 April 2012

In the making - new patterns, new fibers...

Hi friends! Back again, after a mad sewing binge, with my adorable kids (they really are, aren't they?;)) and some beautiful weather.

I made this vest for Tully last night. It's a pattern by Tie Dye Diva. Super easy to follow and really nice to wear. It's a smidgen small for him and when I went back to check the pattern, my printer had automatically scaled it a tad smaller. Darn! Oh well, he'll get wear out of it this winter at least. I used Sarah Jane's flannel (the bikes) and Michael Miller's Micro-Fleece. It feels like soft baby fur! But it's polyester. A-MAZ-ing. I bulked it up with some cotton wadding so it was a bit chunkier. I wasn't sure about it last night but today, on him, I love it!

Evie's wearing a new linen pinafore soon to be available in the shop or by custom order. Oh Linen! My new love! It's soft but textured, plain but textured...I am having lots of fun putting colours together with linen for a whole new, very stylish, modern, but not too grown up, look.

Have you been playing with anything new this week? I'd love to know! xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Just a few things...

I've had a change from my usual bursting colours this week. Partly from necessity and partly from a deep need to put it aside. Running a competition always does that to me. Three or so weeks of emails, spamming Facebook newsfeeds, watching numbers. It always makes me long for sunshine and simplicity afterwards, the real indicators of our value and desires.

So my friend Anneliese the Amazing (she designed my logo, and this one below) and I screen printed 12 tablecloths in the backyard and I hemmed them. My friends (headed up by Tim) started a creative arts club at the uni called FEAST (Food Expression Art Song Thought) and we had a special dinner where I was one of the guest speakers. I spoke on blogging and how recording the beautiful things in my world through pictures and words had changed the way I experienced my life. And since blogging (a year ago tomorrow!), I've found research to prove it could be one of the secrets to happiness! (feel free to ask more, I won't go into it now.)

We went for another bike ride this afternoon to the port. My three year old rode on his OWN for 2 hours without training wheels. He kept saying, "Oh, it's a boofiful day for a ride, isn't it?" and, "Mum! Stop telling me to watch out for all the people!" but I didn't. This three year old may be able to ride a bike but he still focuses more on the big coal ships and his legs going up and down than where he's going.

Tim and I came down here the other night on our own and had a big long chat about Tickle & Hide and what I want for it, from it. He thinks I should keep it as a hobby, I want to do more with it. So I've started reading 2 books. One about time management, the other about understanding ourselves. By the end I intend to be Superwoman. Or at least know what I want.
Can I share something else with you? Sorry, feel free to opt out at any time. You see a month ago I thought I was pregnant. For 2 weeks I woke up every morning with the all too familiar sick feeling. And I carried it around with me the rest of the day. We had planned to stop at two and this changed everything. I started to take on less, expect less of myself, go to bed earlier, hang out in the back yard with the kids more. So by the time I found out I wasn't, my nausea had almost disappeared. Hmmmm... Hence the reading and talking...

I got a new arrival of fabric in the mail. Have you felt this Lou Lou Flannel by Anna Maria Horner? I've never felt anything like it. Get your hands on some! Or buy one of my soon-to-be-made little jackets. :)

I've been playing with linen. My new favourite thing in the world. (Other than aforementioned flannel). I have a million ideas and only 2 hands. Here's a little drop in the ocean:

And lastly, an apology. To all the wonderful people who have given me a Leibster Award lately (4 infact!). I don't know why but this is the kind of thing that makes me feel like the shy girl being called out the front of class. But it's a kind and thoughtful thing. Please go visit Make Me Crafty, The Elven Garden, Color Me Quilty, for a delicious, crafty feast, and Wholly Listening for really honest, beautiful reflections on parenting. Thank you friends, I'm honoured. 

Well, was that just a few? If you're still here, have a great weekend. xx

Friday, 13 April 2012

Little Folks Chevron Quilty Goodness!

Photographing a new quilt is a family affair, don't you think?

You can get nice ones on your own, good ones with hubby holding them up for you...

But my favourites are always the ones when my bathed and pyjama'd kids have gate-crashed. Evie could not get enough of this soft baby quilt! Made from Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Voile and Folksy Flannels, it was my favourite quilt to make, and to quilt. It is certainly the softest thing I have made.

I'm entering this one in the:

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

In the Making: A New Workspace!

Look what we've been making this weekend! I can hardly believe it's mine! Last Saturday we drove down to Sydney, left the kids with my folks and slipped out to Ikea and shopped like two child-free pigs in mud. Armed with a generous gift, some Christmas money and some hard earned savings, we were able to get exactly what I needed to fill my designated sewing wall and free up our dining table.

I still can't believe it to look at it. At Christmas, with Tim still unemployed, I reflected that things not going to plan seem to be part of the plan. I could never have imagined that by Easter I would have this special, beautiful space.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted. I scoured second hand places for beautiful old furniture. I needed enough room for my stuff plus a desk to work at, and I needed to keep little fingers out. But nothing would quite do the trick. It was either too big or too expensive. So I embraced the versatility of a flat packed kitchen and we spent a restful Easter Sunday putting it together. It was a really fun way to spend a special day with the family.

So this is it, nearly done! As you can see, I got a bit impatient with screwing holes and started packing. And soon after this photo was taken, I started sewing! So, needless to say, it's still 80% finished.

All my fabric is up high out of reach. We used a couple of towel rails under this shelf for finished clothing waiting to be photographed. And we cut the timber bench (which we got for a steal in the reduced section!) to lower half of it to desk height. What do you think?

Do you know that in about 10 days I would have been blogging for a year? You can read my first post here. I was inspired to blog by an ugly creeping feeling for Anna Maria Horner. She was building her new studio and I had a little teething baby who tied me to the couch and made me feel utterly dissatisfied with my life. It was while hanging the washing out one day that I had the thought that maybe, if I just took photos of the things I loved and made, I would be on the look out for the beautiful, wonderful things in my world. Then I started to make. Then I got the courage to sell what I make. And following a vast array of celebrations and disappointments, here I am, in my sunny new studio and I can't help but think that that moment hanging out the washing had everything to do with it.
Many people, when they have a blogging anniversary give something away. But could I impose upon you do give something for me? A little while ago I wrote about my dear friend Jem and her three kids. Do you know that with online and offline donations, they're nearly half way to their $55,000 goal for new electric wheelchairs! That's amazing! Thank you to those who have so generously donated. My raffle on my Facebook page is running till Saturday. If you've donated, you can comment under the Giveaway Album to enter to win a great bunch of handmade prizes! And there's some yummy voile on offer! Here's where I'm up to with my Little Folks voile quilt... I can't wait to finish and show you the whole thing!

Thanks for being along for the ride! Jodi. xx

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

In the making...

Got a toddler on my lap so can't write much or she may try to help me! Here's what I've been making this week!

Little Folks quilt top...Jackets just waiting for buttons...Boys shorts cut and ready to sew!

I'm giving away a stack of Little Folks Voile on my Facebook Page! Head on over to enter! Happy creating everyone, and have a beautiful Easter! xx

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