Saturday, 21 April 2012

Just a few things...

I've had a change from my usual bursting colours this week. Partly from necessity and partly from a deep need to put it aside. Running a competition always does that to me. Three or so weeks of emails, spamming Facebook newsfeeds, watching numbers. It always makes me long for sunshine and simplicity afterwards, the real indicators of our value and desires.

So my friend Anneliese the Amazing (she designed my logo, and this one below) and I screen printed 12 tablecloths in the backyard and I hemmed them. My friends (headed up by Tim) started a creative arts club at the uni called FEAST (Food Expression Art Song Thought) and we had a special dinner where I was one of the guest speakers. I spoke on blogging and how recording the beautiful things in my world through pictures and words had changed the way I experienced my life. And since blogging (a year ago tomorrow!), I've found research to prove it could be one of the secrets to happiness! (feel free to ask more, I won't go into it now.)

We went for another bike ride this afternoon to the port. My three year old rode on his OWN for 2 hours without training wheels. He kept saying, "Oh, it's a boofiful day for a ride, isn't it?" and, "Mum! Stop telling me to watch out for all the people!" but I didn't. This three year old may be able to ride a bike but he still focuses more on the big coal ships and his legs going up and down than where he's going.

Tim and I came down here the other night on our own and had a big long chat about Tickle & Hide and what I want for it, from it. He thinks I should keep it as a hobby, I want to do more with it. So I've started reading 2 books. One about time management, the other about understanding ourselves. By the end I intend to be Superwoman. Or at least know what I want.
Can I share something else with you? Sorry, feel free to opt out at any time. You see a month ago I thought I was pregnant. For 2 weeks I woke up every morning with the all too familiar sick feeling. And I carried it around with me the rest of the day. We had planned to stop at two and this changed everything. I started to take on less, expect less of myself, go to bed earlier, hang out in the back yard with the kids more. So by the time I found out I wasn't, my nausea had almost disappeared. Hmmmm... Hence the reading and talking...

I got a new arrival of fabric in the mail. Have you felt this Lou Lou Flannel by Anna Maria Horner? I've never felt anything like it. Get your hands on some! Or buy one of my soon-to-be-made little jackets. :)

I've been playing with linen. My new favourite thing in the world. (Other than aforementioned flannel). I have a million ideas and only 2 hands. Here's a little drop in the ocean:

And lastly, an apology. To all the wonderful people who have given me a Leibster Award lately (4 infact!). I don't know why but this is the kind of thing that makes me feel like the shy girl being called out the front of class. But it's a kind and thoughtful thing. Please go visit Make Me Crafty, The Elven Garden, Color Me Quilty, for a delicious, crafty feast, and Wholly Listening for really honest, beautiful reflections on parenting. Thank you friends, I'm honoured. 

Well, was that just a few? If you're still here, have a great weekend. xx


  1. A pregnancy "scare" kinda puts things in prospective, huh? Like why don't I go to bed early more often?? How come I don't play with the kiddos more?
    We just had the same thing happen. Now I'm reviewing what and why we do things around here!
    Well I'm grateful for my little scare cause now I know a few things, one not everything is up to me, even though I've tried it to be, and I need to chill out more. ;)
    Here's to a wonderful, not puking, weekend!!

  2. Great post! Was nice to read something a little different for a change. It's funny how small things make you realise all the other things you could be doing and have been putting off! =D


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