Tuesday, 31 July 2012

50 Pinnies.

What is one to do?

 ...when one's techy (nerdy) husband decides to update all the computers, making internet contact a thing of the past, and hiding all photos somewhere in the ether between here and the lounge room?

Well, apart from a couple of tantrums and a few choice words, one starts to get ready for market.

One makes pinafores. FIFTY of them. Yes, I counted them twice.

And then, with the little ones in daycare and the wind blowing a gale, one takes photos in the soft light of the front room.

And then, finally, one puts one's foot down. Just half an hour of blogging time should be plenty, thank you. And then you can have your internet back.

Jodi. ;)


  1. I am Super impressed, they are all lovely! Hope the market goes well for you :)
    Isn't it scary how much of a time suck the internet is lol

  2. Love the pinnies- I think the rose one above has my name on it!!

  3. Oh Jodi they are so beautiful!! Have great fun at market!

  4. yeah, love that rose one! can't believe you made so many!!

  5. these are so adorable! do you sell a pattern for these?

  6. They're gorgeous! It's surprisingly tough to be without the internet, isn't it? :)

  7. Wow fifty! Did you make them all on the same day?
    What else are you taking with you to the market? It's interesting to see what people sell there =D

  8. OMG, FIFTY! You've got me beat =). Ok, your post is launching me back to the sewing machine where I belong.


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