Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Home again

And here I am on the other side! I've buried myself in fabric and card and coat hangers for the last two weeks, getting ready for market and my new pinny launch this weekend and I have just come up for air.

The market day was a beautiful, sunny winter day, the people were friendly and fun, and I didn't sell as much as I hoped. And in all the rush and chatter, you know I didn't take one photo of my stall, of the other beautiful handmade goods. Not one

And so today during naptime, in the quiet and sunshine, I took photos of my wares. And I felt quiet happy with all I'd made and I'm looking forward to sharing more here and in the shop. And I felt more ideas start to creep in again for new pinnies and quilts. Maybe even the sewing machine will be switched on again before the week is out.


  1. Those are amazing shots, Jodi! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't sell as much as you hoped, but it sounds like a pleasant day overall. Your price tags are so cool!

  2. Love the shots of your gorgeous creations!
    ~ Mariane

  3. Wow such great pictures! It's a shame you didn't sell as much, but it was still a great experience for you right?
    Where do you get your tags? They are so cool =D

  4. Sorry you didn't sell as much as you had hoped. Your stall did look lovely & my Mum, Sister and I had a lovely time at the markets. The tags do look great - using fabric scraps was genius : )
    Glad to hear you think your sewing mojo might be back by the end of the week - I suggest sewing something just for fun and the love of it first : )
    Talk Soon

  5. Such gorgeous photos today Jodi!! Selling my handmade items is one of the things I hope to do more this year! I'm really looking forward to it!


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