Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Catching up.

Time goes fast and slow when you're having a baby. That funny mix of, "Has it really been that long since I blogged/sewed/ate/saw another adult??" and, "How am I only 21 weeks? Wasn't I 20 weeks a month ago?" It feels like I blogged yesterday, and March, my due date, is ten years away.

My friends' 'Fire Quilt'
Blogging and sewing is such a great way of documenting productivity, don't you think? They are two things (maybe especially in a mother's life?) that when you're done, you have something to show for it. And you have people comment on how clever you are. I have had to start having conversations with myself like this:
Me: I didn't make it to the machine or computer again today.
Me: Yes, but you helped the kids tidy their disaster of a room, baked banana bread, and did a bit of homeschooling. You are amazing.

Apart from the last week of sick kids, I have actually been quite productive, and not just in the 'keeping my kids alive and growing a baby' sense. I had my last stint at The Olive Tree Market for this year, and somehow, amazingly finished up these three quilts in the three days leading up to it. Most of my quilt making experiences involve a moment where I say, "Oh. This is going to take heaps longer than I expected." Somehow, with these three, I was finished before I could get close to having that thought.

 (this photo melts my heart every time!)

Then I came home and photographed and listed everything in my Etsy shop. Hoping to clear it all out before baby, folks! There's a big rack of girls clothes right where I want the cradle to go.

And I had my 20 week scan, which was the most perfect scan experience one could hope for (apart from some cheeky crossed legs!). The sonographer kept finding clearer views of everything so I could have another look. She was so kind and thorough. These are my favourites.

In the end, she tried yet another look at the 'bits', got a quick peak and said, "Ooh, I think...yeah I'd go '____'. She seemed about 70% sure, so we're keeping it a secret. (Tim didn't want anyone to know anyway, but I was going to talk him around!) I didn't realise I'd set my heart on one or the other till I heard her say those words. And my first reaction was disappointment, then surprise at my reaction, then guilt. I had one of each! What did I have to be disappointed about?! Thank goodness for good friends who help me be gentle with myself, who talked about their own experiences. Truth be told, I think I would have felt that sinking feeling no matter what news I received. We're planning this to be our last, so there's that, "Oh! No more little girls/boys..." sadness. And both my kids were wonderful and challenging in their own way. And so many of my memories are wrapped up in their gender. So there was the "Oh, I don't want another difficult sleeper/big feeder/insert other common baby challenge here!" But I am making a whole new person. And once I let myself think it all through, I became very excited. Can anyone else relate?

 And now... Do I make pink/blue/neutral? Or do I wait? What would you do? xx


  1. Congrats on having such a lovely 20w scan. We had ours the other day too but bub would not cooperate at all. She/he just wanted to sleep. I'm just hoping that that trait stays. ;)

    I say go with your gut - and favourite fabrics! I'm definitely not waiting but hoping to have a quilt and a few things finished beforehand.

  2. I feel so satisfied reading your definition of blogging and sewing as a measure of productivity. I needed some project after my little one. Work is out of the question for various reasons, and blogging/sewing is something I can pick up and do at my own pace - but still feel proud of the effort I spend on it. I've only got one little one, but I can safely say that yes, I have a (shameless) preference if we have another, and I would totally make neutral... But you should do what makes your heart happy - create what you want how you want!

  3. so excited for you :-) I would say get making scrappy quilts - which you are so great at - bright and colourful will suit any gender :-)

  4. We have three, and our youngest is now four. We really wanted a girl for our third (we had one of each too), and that is what we had. However, she has all the energy I was afraid of a boy having, lol. She was an easy baby, but has been persistent in getting her way since before she was born. I hope you have an "easy" baby and a good sleeper. The third child seems to be a bit easier, both because we are usually more relaxed as parents, and because they kind of need to just go with the flow! Enjoy your last pregnancy, it goes quickly!

  5. Love that first photo of you in front of those gorgeous, gorgeous blocks! I think you should make whatever you want and if it's "wrong" because of gender, you have something to give or sell =). If I was really investing in the room or something, I'd go neutral though. I bet you're not doing that! You already had baby stuff. Fun!

  6. I agree with Rachel...make what you like. With three girls in the house, we had a truckload of pink, and by the end, I was SO tired of pink. I started pulling in any other color I could get my hands on. So make what you love. I'm so glad things are going well, Jodi, even if it does feel like it's taking forever. Each one of my pregnancies felt like it lasted at least three years apiece... :)

  7. Congrats on the new human- regardless of the "flavor" ;-) Love all your finishes!

  8. I am waiting on gender before I sew, but with holidays coming up and other projects needing finished anyway, it's not been too hard to put off. But I know once I peek in that envelope, I am gonna start going nuts with projects, or at least think about them because the energy is a little lacking lol.

    I'd say make what you want. If for some reason we get "boy" I'm totally making myself a quilt in the Sarah Jane fabrics I've hoarded.

  9. We had three girls (the youngest is 16). On the last, I made my husband swear for a month (before we started "trying") that he didn't want a boy since I was sure it would be another girl. He said he didn't care but I secretly hoped for a boy for him- a girl for me. It was a girl and we now have our first grandchild- you guessed it- a girl also. My husband says that he wouldn't know what to do with a boy. I'm sure you will love either gender.


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