Saturday, 4 January 2014


I think after nearly eight years of marriage, Tim and I have struck upon a way to holiday as a family that we both enjoy. We just got home from ten days wonderful days away with loved ones in Dubbo, about 6 hrs north west from Sydney. Dubbo is a town where we happen to have lots of friends and family living, so we organised to house sit for our holiday, a very comfortable, and completely free way to stay just walking distance from my brother and his family, and to enjoy the summer (I don't usually enjoy it) with a swimming pool and air-cooling. Extroverted Tim got to spend his days searching out activity and people, and I could rest on my own, spend time with family, stitch. And the kids! We stayed out of town, close to little cousins. I hardly saw them, except when Tully and I worked on his new quilt together. It was perfect.

Before we left, I managed to finish one handmade gift. I probably would have attempted more if it wasn't for my sewing room feeling like it was almost as hot as the 40 deg C outside! I made a table runner for my mum and dad with Insul Bright for the wadding so that it could hold hot dishes too. These tiny hourglass blocks were so effective and bright. Like confetti. I'd definitely love to make something like this again, but maybe in winter, when there's not so much pressing tiny seams!

The trip through the bush was beautiful as always, helped by the lovely gift my friend Lucy gave me! This Anna Maria Horner tapestry was sent to her as a mistake, instead of the one she ordered - a score for me! I'm loving the hand-stitching for a different outcome and effect. The perfect holiday project for me!

I also made lots and lots of little 1" hexies. I took a little pencil case of hexagons and voile I'd already cut everywhere I went. I sat a stitched when people came to visit, when we watched movies, when I was just enjoying the air cooler while the kids slept.

I spent time with my brand new nephew and his first-time mum. This ended up being such a precious gift for me. My sister in law had a pretty similar, rough experience to my birth with Tully, and we spent time talking, baby snuggling, reflecting on our expectations and reality. Watching again just how demanding the newborn stage is, made me think about giving up our life for another. It seems this is the way it was intended. And accepting and embracing it now rather that feeling it forced upon me in just a few short feels like that first dive into a cold pool on a hot day. :)

I feel SOOO rested. I feel newly inspired. I feel ready for a new year of change, a new baby, homeschooling, fabric shopping! I came home to these beautiful colours waiting for me - Anna Maria Horner's Dowry - my Christmas present from Tim that didn't quite make it before we left. Isn't he good?

Well, I was going to write about what's up next, but that seems enough for now. How about you? How was your Christmas?

Jodi xx

Except for one last thing! Before Christmas, Tim and I, with a group of friends made this video for Cornerstone Community. In the video, we think through Jesus' words in John, "As the Father sent me, so I send you" in a modern, urban life. I share my story of, travelling, study, surprise pregnancy, sewing. It's a little different to what I normally share here, but I thought some of you might enjoy it. :)


  1. I just love your bright colours and your enthusiasm to be quilting through the heat.
    did you know their is an easy way to baste your hexies underneath without pushing through the papers, that way you dont have to take the threads out when you finish stitching them together. a hole in the paper means you just pop them out when you're done.
    heres a link to show you what i mean.
    once again i love your work.

  2. I'm so pleased you've had such a soul-filling break, and am loving the things you've made! Beautiful work on the video too Jodi, thanks for sharing it xx

  3. Sounds like an excellent holiday - something for everyone. Love your Chrissy present from your husband. Happy New Year to you all.

  4. That's a lovely pile of fabric. My my. Did you ever get your quilt together from us scrappy girls?


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