Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Baby Bouncer Cover

Tully and I made a baby bouncer cover! I wasn't really sure if I was going to attack something like this before the baby was born, but yesterday, while cleaning out my room, I had another look at it, realised how simple it would be and asked Tully if he wanted to help me.

Tully chose the fabric, which we just cut with a rotary cutter around the outside of the original. It was so great doing a project with Tully where precision doesn't matter so much!
Then, using thick polyester wadding and a navy and white striped back, he quilted the small sandwhich with Auriful 12wt variegated thread in purple, orange and yellow. It's super thick and fun, a spool I'd had for a while, because I always quilt in safe white. All it takes is sewing with a 5 year old to pull you out of your comfort zone! And this ended up being the perfect choice for this project!

We added a sleeve to the top half at the back and a big tab that attaches with velcro down the bottom and then bound it all with some strips I already had in my stash of scrap strips. (Please excuse the slightly disturbing camera smile Tully insists on these days!) I attached the binding to the back and stitched it on the front. I love the finished look it gives it!.
I haven't decided yet about some kind of seat belt. Maybe I'll just unpick if from the old one and attach it to the new?

Then finally, I let Tully choose a little stitched design to add the the feet of the rocker. It's his favourite thing to do, and always the first thing he asks for whenever we sit down to sew together. They're hard to see, but there's some cats, leaves, boats, cars, maybe a couple of others. Then Evie, who had otherwise stood next to us happily while we sewed, on the condition she got to press the 'scissors button', insisted on having her baby doll in the photo. She happened to be exactly the same size when she was born. Gosh, they grow, don't they?


  1. Mmm... could this be nesting? Great project team! So cool that everyone got involved.

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  3. Cover is like a dress. It increase its beauty. A swing has also need a nice cover. I this above all cover is very nice and unique for swing and bouncer.


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