Friday, 27 March 2015

Quilts and other Colours.

Tonight we had a meal with friends over sunset. Tully asked if he could set up a picnic at our community barbeque area, and laid out all the quilts I would let him take outside. Then I, realising how cold it is now in the afternoons, dug out this winter coat that I'd made for Evie years ago and it fit Finlay perfectly. 

Our next door neighbours have new lambs, born to older mothers who can't keep up with twins, or younger sheep who abandon one of triplets. I feel a little sad for these new, happy things when we hear them cry out for food and company. But not too sad. Having a little farm twenty yards from my door, for which I'm not responsible, is pretty wonderful.

The sunsets here are quite beautiful, but what I love most are the reds and pinks that move across the hill outside my front door. Especially when children are willing to model recently finished quilts!

I was surprised when I finished this quilt a couple of weeks ago. Inspired by Rachel's Clambake Quilt-along, I followed her quilt-as-you-go tutorial. I decided on a single bed size because a customer had expressed an interest, and the first few lines of pressing and basting made me think I'd be here till September. But this quilt made the perfect project for movie nights on my own while Tim was away for his Masters, and to work away at quietly while my kids kept me company in my sewing room. I usually basted several lines at a time because I felt on a roll, and I'm not sure it helped me be neater or keep my lines straighter, but before I knew it, the quilt top was sewn, basted, quilted all in one go, and I was trimming the edges ready for binding! Just don't look too closely at those edges!
I used my free motion quilting foot which was messy and uneven, but more fun than wrangling my quilt around in curves. By the time I was done, I was so unsure of my work, but so besotted by the colours, that when I checked in with the customer and she regretfully turned down the offer, I was a little relieved! It's been on our spare bed ever since, and then tonight, because her quilt was damp from our picnic, Evie asked if she could have a turn. A single bed size is unusual for me, but it's oh, so useful! And I think I'm sold. I love having it in our home.

I asked some of our picnic guests if they could hold up the quilt for me, but the setting sun made it difficult to show off the exact tones of my clamshell quilt. But I'm sure you get the idea. The colours here are wonderful.


  1. I love your Clamshell Quilt ..the broad bands top and bottom are anothe twist. I have downloaded the motif and have good intentions...! Funny to hear you digging out warm coats while I am up grandsons denim dungarees for grandaughter..amazing what bright buttons will do!
    Still got chill winds but the cherry bossom is starting to burst.
    thanks for the post - that quilt has made a claim on you all!

  2. Beautiful happy colours - they do a great job of modelling the quilts!

  3. Such a beautiful quilt, and such beautiful models! I really feel when I read your posts like you are "home", it's lovely :-)

  4. Another beautiful quilt, and such smiley models. I am sure there is a clamshell something to be made in my quilting future.
    Have a great weekend - and I guess we are all set for a big match of trans-tasman rivalry on Sunday.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I would love to visit baby lambs right next door. :)

  6. Your quilt has turned out beautifully- and I especially love those photos with your children cuddling in it!

  7. I had thirty something blogs on bloglovin to look at b4 camping tomorrow and yours is the first one I went for! Love it . It does look time consuming and has turned out perfect! Hope you all have a very happy easter. x

  8. A beautiful quilt. I love all the colours, photos, children and scenery - I'd almost forgotten what it's like to see some sunshine :)

  9. very sweet... quilts, children, sunset! Looks like a perfect picnic! Love your finished clamshell quilt, your colour combo is v. pretty. Linda

  10. Hello Jodi! Looks like your heading for autumn right? Well! Who cares really with that sunburst of color and cheerful quilts hanging around! Love them! Congrats on that clamshell quilt! It's a keeper! xoxo


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