Monday, 6 April 2015

Sew Organized for the Busy Girl

It's a cold, dreary Autumn day here in country Australia. I have two sick kids sitting in front of a movie, a baby asleep, and I have hidden myself away in my sewing room with a coffee and Easter egg to have another flick through Heidi Staples' new book, "Sew Organized for the Busy Girl" before I sit at the computer to write this blog post. Am I allowed to say it? I'm in heaven.

I'm so glad to be part of Heidi's Busy Girl Sews Tour. Partly because I really like this girl and I'm honoured to support her in this way, but also because reading her book has been like taking a deep breath.

I love to collect sewing books. I love the feel of curling up in a corner of the sofa to read with a coffee. They're much softer than laptops, more tactile than phones. And what I love especially about Sew Organized is that Heidi has taken a different route to the usual sewing how-to introduction which precede the collection of projects. Her arguement for taking up sewing, even in today's busy lifestyles, and her gentle and firm approach to organising a sewing area for maximum creativity and efficiency, has felt a little like Heidi's been over at my place, seen my mess, and has graciously given me some tools to make the whole thing run smoother.

In my stage of life, I often feel like I have to choose between tidying up and sewing, between sewing with a baby hurricane let loose, or not sewing at all. So I've appreciated the reminder that there might be some simple things I can tweak (like buying a playpen, maybe?) that will make for more making and less stress.

The project from the book that drew me first was Heidi's Mini Starlet. It struck me as a great two-three colour block, but also well suited to colour-play or scraps. I pulled out four colours' worth of fabrics in different shades, and then settled on purple and teal with the golden highlights. Oh, I would love to make a whole quilt from this block! I do love how a simple change in colour placement gives a completely different look. I finished the quilt in a day, picking the colours in the morning while the light was good, and then coming to it in fits and starts, as is my usual routine, and completing it in the evening after the kids were in bed. If there's one thing that makes sewing really work for me, it's that I have a permanent set up for my machine. I'm sure I would never sew (or we would never eat dinner) if I had to use the dining room table, and pack up regularly!

Be sure to order Heidi's new book here! and follow along the rest of the blog tour. There are lots of simple, yet beautiful and practical projects to inspire you!

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  1. Beautiful mini - how big is that block? I too am lucky to have a space where my machine and mess can left. Housework is over rated though,here's a saying to prove why we should sew more:

    Remember people will see your quilts long after you're gone,not your housework.

    Hope everyone gets well soon.
    Julie xoxo

  2. I love this mini! Bright and happy and such a great big beautiful block!

  3. Just amazing colour and fabric choices Jodi. And a quilt in a day - that has got to feel good :-)

  4. Lovely quilt - love your model!

  5. Your quilt is really cool! I agree with everything you say regarding looking at a book (and I often have to decide if I truly need another pattern book or if that money is better spent on fabrics to make an actual pattern from one the of the books I already have!) It definitely helps to have a sewing area permanently set up though it is still a struggle sometimes to get even half an hour of sewing done.

  6. Really beautiful Jodi! The colours you chose are so gorgeous and it's such a pretty quilt!

  7. I purchased this book last week and am so pleased with it. Like you, I really love her writing style and her very practical tips for sewing with kids and animals around. It's a very enjoyable read. I can't wait to make the star mini myself as well as many other projects in her book.

  8. I need more books like I need more holes in my head! I love the blog hops so I can see what's really in the book before.......before it comes home with me! LOL CUTE young man!

    1. ANd..... it's always so interesting to me to imagine being on your side of the world. Looking at the pic again, it appears to be Fall, right? And we're in Spring! I hope to get to visit Australia some day!

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  10. I ordered Heidi's book,cannot wait to receive it,and The colors and prints of the Mini Starlet,So pretty.


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