Saturday, 30 April 2011

Step One: Re-branding my Life.

I've decided to embrace the fickle weather, forget the washing and sit in our sunny, new studio to write. What's this, you ask? A sunny new studio?
A couple of weeks ago, driven by my covetous feelings for Anna Maria Horner, (see last post) and a little girl who woke up every time we went to bed and thought that, judging by all the movement around her, it must be play time, I had a stroke of genius. Re-branding. Without so much as a hammer and nail, we turned our 2 bedroom home with a sunroom into a 3 bedroom home with a studio. Now, doesn't that sound BIG! And all it took was the sacrifice of a dining room. (I say 'all it took' but this involved a lot of discussion in my head weighing up the importance of the table in a home and whether my children would still grow into mature adults if we ate dinner in the lounge room - as debates in my head often go.)

So here it is! The dining room becomes a lounge room, the lounge - our new studio (Tim wanted to call it the factory, but I said Anna Maria would never have a factory.) Our dining table is on the left, sprawled with my creativity (but still able to be used as a dining table when the desire arises) and Tim's desk is on the right. Then through the door (the old office) is Eve's very own bedroom!
Isn't it so beautiful and light and open? Helped of course, by this perfect time of year when we can open the curtains in the afternoon to let the sun in, rather than trying to keep it out.
Re-branding only took 2 days of reshuffling and some peanut butter cookies as payment to some very helpful friends. Then, just add a throw over the chocolate-stained cream chair, a quick vacuum and some afternoon light and you have the home you always dreamed of!

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