Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Step 4: Wear Joggers

It's amazing the difference it makes when I put joggers on in the morning rather than ugg-boots! I can feel my legs moving faster. I am ready for action. And if there had been enough milk for coffee this morning...'with these powers combined,' the house would probably be tidy and I wouldn't be feeling like there is a grey haze over my brain. But as it stands, the joggers will have to do.
A few weeks ago, Tim and I decided to jump on the scales. I don't know if its my super-power joggers (or coffee) or my new gluten-free diet, or perhaps breast-feeding is actually doing what health professionals say it should, but we'd both lost 10kgs! (Tim, by the way, is not breast-feeding, but he does ride his bike a whole lot more than me!) We were so amazed that it had just fallen off us, without too much thought or agony. This is the way dieting should be, we thought. We just get on with life, enjoy ourselves, not get too obsessed with food or the scales, even enjoy those peanut butter cookies occasionally (Ok, maybe a bit more than occasionally.) I've been walking differently, thinking about myself differently, looking at myself in the mirror differently. "Mild-mannered mother-of-two steps into a pair of joggers and comes out..."
Then Tim's lovely mum came to visit.
"Are your bathroom scales accurate?" She asked me last week, "Because if they are, I've lost 7 kilos!"
I laughed. I just thought it was so funny and lovely. I'd been spending all this time thinking about spin and how to redefine myself and out springs this pithy little lesson about the measures I use to check if I'm ok or not. It's such a strange feeling to look in the mirror and see the same beautiful and content person I'd looked at yesterday but know that the numbers had changed.
So, as you can imagine, I'm not buying new scales! And every so often I jump back on the old ones and believe what I read. But mostly I'm on the lookout  for the measures I use and don't actually need anymore.


  1. that's beautiful Jo! love you

  2. Your response to the scales shows how much you must love yourself - that's fantastic! I remember the same thing happening when I lived overseas, but instead of laughing about it I was completely devastated. I'm so glad that today it is a different story for both of us!


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