Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Terrible Email.

Yesterday I received a terrible email. is having a 20% off all Anna Maria Horner Fabrics sale and I have no money. I have not had any money the last three times I've "just this last time" bought some Anna Maria on sale. This time I really don't have any. Tim's Austudy (a government allowance for students) finishes in a fortnight and he doesn't have a job lined up yet. Our car rego is due in 3 weeks. And don't get me wrong. I'm not stressed about these things. I'm just like a little kid who has been told to eat her dinner before she can have dessert. In fact I've been surprised at the amount of little kid in me this weekend. I am not concerned about where dinner came from or what went into preparing it, I am just staring at a plate of brussel sprouts, knowing there is caramel pie and ice-cream in the kitchen. I have been checking my bank balance to see if some gift magically appears in my account. I have been justifying it my head, "If I'm going to sell the things I make, it would just be like a business loan on my credit card." The conversations in my head remind me of those I would have with my Dad as a teenager. I have been sulky, I have been persistent, I have felt ripped off. I have been very juvenile.
Well, the responsible adult decided to remind the teenager just how much dessert she has already. And it wasn't really in a "teach myself a lesson" way. I just really wanted to shirk that itchy, dissatisfied feeling. Urgh. So I tidied up my fabric collection, made yummy, neat piles of things I like, things I'd made and took photos, thankful for the afternoon sun and sleepy kids.
Make yourself a cuppa and share some cake with me. I will show some things I am thankful for...
Still enough to keep me going for a while!

My newly finished cot quilt. For sale if you're interested! :)

Beautiful soft, buttery, light voile. Oh, I just love these happy deers!

30 new flannel and towel bibs! Just waiting for some velcro and maybe some appliqué prints on the "back" to make them reversible. Oh, you should feel this flannel! Every baby will love their face wiped with these!

My Pineapple Sage. The only flowers in my garden all year round. I love their messy spray of red and green.

Our pumpkin patch took over the old chook pen this year. I haven't wanted to pick this one because he just looks so proud and perfect up there!

Tully and Eve having a quiet moment.

There. I think I'm cured. Almost. I'll be much better when the sale ends on the 7th! I'm determined not to cave though.
I read an article this year about wealth. This study revealed that a surprising characteristic found in many wealthy people was thankfulness. It didn't strike me because I want to be wealthy. It struck me because it of what it said about dissatisfaction, ungratefulness, forgetfulness. I guess if you remember what you have, you don't feel like you're going without.


  1. lovely. I could, like, take care of your credit card for you if you need? ;)

  2. "This morning I saw in your garden
    Fine pumpkins grown on a trellis
    So it seemed that the vines were rising
    To flourish the fruits of earth
    Above their humble station
    In airy defiance of nature
    - a parable of myself,
    a skinful of elements climbing
    from earth to the fastness of light;
    now come to that time of life
    when our bones begin to wear us,
    to settle our flesh in final shape"
    - gwen harwood, at mornington

  3. Thanks for your help with my "internet business project" Jo and for directing me here! One of the things I realised I'm thankful for this afternoon, is you and your love toward me-thanks for that! Em ooox


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