Monday, 28 January 2013

A Quilt for a Rainy Day

I made this quilt for my Mum and Dad for Christmas and gave it to them on the weekend, our first chance to get together for Christmas lunch.

 I finished the top on Thursday at the shop, stood at my counter for half of Friday staring at fabric for the back (oh how I love making quilts that fit inside a normal width of fabric!). I ended up discarding most of these because a lovely lady came in, loved the look of those prints together and order a quilt for her baby due next month!

I broke quilt making rules and sewed on the binding before quilting it (and measured the binding 2 inches too short! Argh!). I finished the binding 5 minutes after our little arcade closed with the security guard waiting for me to lock up the building. 

Then Saturday, the kids and I caught the train to Sydney and I stitched and stitched. And then when I arrived, I stitched, and after dinner and then next day during breakfast and opening gifts and after lunch during Gran's visit, I stitched, all the while aware of the constant rain outside, wondering if I would get a chance to take photos in Mum's garden before we lost what little light we had.

We took these photos in the rain, quickly, mum worried about the quilt and me worried about the camera. Thankfully they worked. I just love this leafy spot for photos. I'll have to bring some more of my quilts down here!

 This was such an easy pattern to follow for such an effective result. You can find the pattern here.   Also, these process photos were taken on Instagram, my new favourite social media tool. You can follow me here to see what colour we're making day to day. :)


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