Monday, 22 April 2013

Cue Strings!

Scratching a few itches for me at the moment is the String Fever Quilt Along hosted by Rachel at Stitched in Color. It's giving me a chance to eat into my massive box of neutral scraps, make my first quilt from a more traditional block, and have a project focused completely on playing with line and colour, and not connected to sewing for custom orders or gifts.

I rifled through my big collection of low value scraps, found all my strips, made some more and put them in this bamboo bowl. My main goal for this quilt has been to relax. At first that meant making one block at a time, enjoying the choosing of prints and the slow pace. When that was no longer fulfilling, I started 'chain' piecing blocks like this:

I'm just choosing a long string, gradually adding my incomplete blocks and then at the end of the strip, I add more strips or little scrappy squares to start new blocks. Once the blocks get to over 8", I trim them with my fluoro yellow 8" square. (I'm sorry manufacturers, but WHY forest green and fluoro yellow??)

Making them this way has my little pile of log cabins growing really quickly even thought I'm only doing little bits at a time. And because I'm always starting new ones, they don't all look the same despite being put through the machine together on the one fabric strip. I'm thinking, just for fun, I might make a collection of 4.5" blocks and one big 15.5" (have I done the maths right?) block, to mix it up a bit. What do you think?

Scrap Attack {String Fever}


  1. I love these, Jodi! I'm always a big fan of scrappy log cabins!

  2. I just started my String Fever quilt too and it's been so enjoyable! I love how your blocks look - so very peaceful. MIne are very bright and a little crazy, but I think the finished quilt will be wonderful.:)

  3. I don't know anything about quilts but I LOVE the muted neutral tones in this quilt you are creating. Love it all and I can't wait to see the finished product after you have relaxed your way through the journey :) xx

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  5. Oh, definitely.. relax. I like how you shared that what was relaxing at first became not so much later on. That's how things tend to go for me as well. I have to adapt!

    So you 15.5" blocks will finish 15" and your 4.5" blocks will finish 4". I think you might want to make 5.5" blocks that finish 5" so that three of them can go in a 15" spot. Is that what you had in mind? Just ignore me if not!

  6. hese are looking lovely and it sounds fun!


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