Friday, 28 June 2013

{inside my head}

  • Recently I've taken to making blocks and listening to TED talks. I'm in the mood for little details. Quick finishes. Small scale. The other day I was listening to this talk by Alisa Vitti, who, among other things, talks about how our (female) cycle and the different hormones at work each week affect the way we approach life and what our strengths are. I have noticed, since making more quilts, how at one part of the month I have more ideas than I know what to do with, and I start them all, because I just want to dip my toes in all of them. Then later, the rush of inspiration has vanished and I just feel like pumping fabric through my machine. I actually would have guessed that my rhythms are opposite to Vitti's, but I'm going to keep a journal anyway, just to find out. Could mean I might embrace starting 10 things at once, trusting I'll finish them all by the end of the month. I'll keep experimenting and let you know.
  •  My current block bonanza included this sweet Ohio Star. A dear quilting friend leant me an old book with traditional American quilts in it. Beautiful. It makes me want to a) make more traditional blocks (though it could just be the time of month! ;)) and b) discover more of Australia's quilting history. I love history. I majored in Modern U.S. history at Uni. I could happily dive into American quilt history and swim contentedly. I buy American fabric, I read American blogs (albeit with an Australian accent!), but there's a little spark of interest growing for my own creative heritage. 
  • It rains in Newcastle for about 130% of the winter months. And it's not just constant rain, it's the kind that comes in the early afternoon, after you've rushed to get your washing on the line because the sun's been out all morning. I started a conversation with Tim about getting a dryer, but it's always been one of his environmental stands. He thinks we'll end up getting lazy and using it more than we need to. I understand this view of humanity. I was brought up with it. But since my grief earlier in the year, and my long, hard road trying to go easier on myself, I've discovered I'm not actually a lazy person. I've stopped beating myself into motivation and I haven't spent my days sitting on the back deck drinking cider, or even browsing Facebook. Go figure! 
  • So I'm spending a lot more time than I would choose hanging out and trying to dry our washing. Earlier this week while I was grumbling about this, and trying my hardest to pray and breathe my way into a more contented place, Tully came into me and exclaimed, "Mum, I love you more than all this washing!" There you go. It's not about how efficiently I can get things done (and despite having toddlers, I still struggle with this!), but about having my eyes and ears open to joy and peace in each moment.

  • Well, I was going write more about this next quilt, but maybe that's enough of the inside of my head right now? I'll wait till the sun comes out again and I can show you the whole quilt and give it the single post it deserves. For now, I'll just tell you that I used Maureen's quilt as you go tutorial, and I'm hooked. I have SO much scrap batting. I mean wadding. I can't even remember which word we use, and which one you do. But I don't mind. I like the reasons why.
So what's been on your mind lately?


  1. Hey Jodi. Looking forward to seeing your quilt. I mailed your block today ; )

  2. How very interesting. I had no idea our female cycle could have any impact whatsoever on our quilting process! Thanks for giving us a heads up!:)

  3. With ref to the dryer, I have 5 kids, have lived mostly in Scotland and survived perfectly without a dryer until we came here! My Mum and Dad were here last year, saw how damp/mouldy things get and said "Enough! We're buying you a dryer!". Which was lovely, but I really don't use it often. We keep it downstairs in the garage so the temptation to use it is very small. Having said that, it will get used a lot this weekend...!
    Sandra x

  4. I'm going to have to listen to that talk. I'm curious! We have both a dryer and line, and we get the quick, unexpected afternoon showers here too. I try to tell myself the clothes are getting a second rinse =). Sometimes that works out... other times, not so much.

  5. Wow! I've often wondered about our cycles and the effects it has on creative work. I will definitely look up that TED talk. I am new to your site and it looks great! Take care, Byrd


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