Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Time for Tea

I have finished something! Hurray!
After my last post about coming to terms with my possible long term state of morning sickness, I sat down and thought about some radical changes to routine. If my capacity for all the things in my day had shrunk from about 8-10 good hours to about four, I needed to think creatively. And I needed to prioritise.

The best solution I could come up with was making time to sew in the morning, when I was at my best. It's usually the time I spend doing housework and playing with the kids. And then I would sew during rest time and after they were in bed, my little reward, my break from the world. I felt really uncomfortable making sewing time during my 'work hours'. It was hard enough not to drown in the laundry as it is without trying to squeeze in sewing too. So I just sat with the idea for while, waiting to see if a better plan arose.

Well then both my kids got sick and most of you know how that throws any kind of routine straight out the window. Friday night I finally got to sleep at 5am, and we spent the weekend basically in survival mode. I'm so thankful for a friend that cooked enough food to feed us three nights in a row!
I'm also so thankful for Tim. He decided to take Monday off work and stayed home to attack the washing with me, take the kids out for a drive, and give me time to sew.
I managed to finish off this custom order tablecloth.

 And having a finish is a great feeling anyway, but while I sat there matching colours, feeding them slowly through my machine, (I was using an overlocking stitch on my sewing machine - great motivation to learn to use my overlocker!) I started to feel an energy and peace I couldn't get from a full night's sleep. And it started to help me feel differently about the way we shape this next season.

I was reminded again that serving my family isn't just making sure the washing is up to date and food is on the table, and it isn't even just making myself available to them, but it's feeding my own soul too. I'd let go of all the things that give me energy to make time for the bare essentials. And I was feeling bare.

And do you know what I've realised (but kind of always known)? My kids play really well together in the morning! They haven't even noticed me tucked away in the studio for an hour. It's the afternoons when they become twitchy, and need to know I'm there, need me to feed and water them more regularly. So I park myself on the back steps while they play outside, ready with fruit and water when they come asking. Maybe this will work longer than just while I'm pregnant?

Oh, and a few notes about the tablecloth. I used mostly fabrics from Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry and Cameo by Amy Butler. Don't they work well together? My customer requested a large style patchwork in bright colours so I had to be choosy about prints that worked well in big cuts that I was happy to let go. Though I do only have three months left in my Fabric Fast, can you believe it?! I used an overlocking stitch to piece them together and folded the edges over twice and used my 1/4" foot to hem them. These colours will be just perfect for Christmas, don't you think? Which has got me thinking that this is a reasonably quick gift to make compared to a quilt...


  1. The tablecloth is amazing :) I have been thinking of you recently. The quilt you made me brightens up my cream couch and the pinafore you made looks amazing on my niece :) Hope you are going well and that you don't suffer too much morning sickness. Gen

  2. Beautiful! That would make me happy every time I walked by. My kids are the same way! Playing happily right now in fact. :) They also play really well just before bed time for some reason. Maybe their baths are calming.

  3. I decided recently, asmy husband cringes every time a cut a perfectly good new peice of fabric into tiny peices only to see them back together, that when I fall in love with new fabrics that I just have to have that I should first make a table cloth or sheet set out of them before the progress to quilting fabric. This pattern would be soooooo perfect! It's beautiful Jodi so well matched. Becky

  4. Gosh I adore that tablecloth - what a fab idea - so beautiful!!

  5. Love how it turned out. Beeeeeautiful! Hmm... a tablecloth IS a good gift.

  6. I love the large patchwork. It's beautiful!

  7. Such gorgeous eye candy. Those are the prettiest of tea cups!

  8. So smart, Jodi. We have to learn to roll with the days...I'm doing a lot of that too right now!

  9. What a gorgeous tablecloth! Good for you for figuring things out. I am glad to hear you are having a baby. What a wonderful thing to read!

  10. I have also discovered my kids play well in the morning. I have a 5 and 7 year old and a 3 month old. Usually the older two can play and watch a couple cartoons while the baby sleeps and I can get some sewing or blog reading/writing done while I sip some coffee. Good luck to you!


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