Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A new finish.

The kids are cleaning their teeth. The baby is awake but happy on my bed. Her crusty hour begins around now. So I'm taking this 2 second window to pop over, show off my CARE Circle Spinning Stars quilt before I put the big kids to bed and settle into an evening of breast feeding and old TV reruns.

I asked the CARE circle girls if they could make me a single Spinning Stars block with a green and aqua centre, white/low volume ring, and alternating yellow and orange corners. I arranged them to get the most contrast I could between the blocks. It was fun making this quilt again but in completely different colours. The main challenge? Anna Maria Horner doesn't have an inch square for scaling purposes on her template. We ended up struggling with block sizes a bit.

Oop. There goes the baby. I miss this space! But I do find Facebook and Instagram easier to update. Follow me there (@jotickle)!

Over and out. xx


  1. Lovely happy quilt - the back is gorgeout with this one block popping, cool!

  2. i love the back as much as the front!! fantastic work Care Circle!!!

  3. Very fun odour combo. Love orange! Lovely to have a block on the back too : )

    1. 'Colour' combo. Goodness sake

  4. Wow! I'm so proud of being part of this quilt. It's gorgeous. Well done on having the idea of putting those colours together. So amazing! Your quilting too!

  5. What a wonderful quilt!! The colours are really striking. I love that it has been made by many hands.

  6. looks fabulous Jodi - love the backing fabric and the lone block on the back :)


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