Friday, 15 July 2011

Clothing with Alter Ego

Sooo, what do you think?

Before I started this blog, I started sewing reversible kids clothes that I'll soon be selling on Etsy (keep your eyes peeled!). I wanted to think of a name for my store that played on the alter ego idea. My husband Tim and I have always had alter egos. Because Tim's a nerd and uses big words, he's Vocabulary Man (you have to read this with the booming voice and echo). VoCABulary MAN. And because I read a map better than any Satnav, Jodi Godfrey slips into a phone booth and comes out...Navigator Woman! Yes. I know. We are very fun.

So we sat at the computer searching... "Chalk and Cheese," "Hide and Seek" All taken and not quite what we were after.

Then we started thinking about super heroes. But how do you change Clarke Kent or Batman?

Then Tim thought of Jeckyll and Hyde. Yes!

I love the idea of reversible kids clothes, not only because you can change the colour to suit the mood, but because with not much more effort or cost, you've got double the outfits! And to me, with Tim looking for work, that's way more important.

So now you know what's behind the name!

Tickle and Hide: Clothing with Alter Ego.
Coming soon to a web browser near you!

(Thanks Anneliese Wild for my cool banner!)

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  1. Woo hoo! It's all starting to come together. Woo hoo!!


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