Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sewing, Sunshine and the Curse of Forgetfulness.

Well, I've just sat down and gone through some photos to show you and I feel a bit silly. I've been complaining to myself most of this week (in between times of celebrating the sunshine and winning the battle against my washing) about my lack of time to sew. I feel like I spend all week holding a clingy baby and cleaning up after a newly toilet trained toddler. I feel like I never have time to try out all the ideas in my head. But these photos are evidence that that's not really the case. I still would like to lock myself in a room for 2 weeks, but maybe that wouldn't even be enough. Maybe nothing would. Maybe I would just remember all that time spent unpicking or rethreading the bobbin...

Shades of pink and white hanging in the sun.

Well, the reason I have all these photos is because I keep seeing grades of colour and light in everything. You know when you do something for a while, you start to see it everywhere? It used to happen to me when I worked on a cotton and vege farm in western NSW. Whenever I turned my head or closed my eyes I saw little clouds of cotton or walls of pumpkins. Well, this week, I've kept a bit of a photo log of the colour around me. I've seen quilts in my washing, my kids, my kids' lunch. (I tried to take a photo of that sandwich cut into triangles but Tully didn't want to wait long enough for me to grab the camera!)

Here's the clingy but adorable Eve Lily enjoying the sunshine in whites and greens:

My pins in silver and gold:

And our woolens in funky stripes:

And finally, proof that I don't just wash clothes and take photos of it:

New triangles quilt top done.

Then backed, basted and quilting started.

And my sweet little diamond quilt, put on hold while I finished Gen's rainbow one, now almost finished.

And I finally remembered to take this present to new little Pippa Faith at playgroup on Friday. And her talented mum Joanna took these for me:

There's even more in my head. I have vintage sheets I want to cut up, buttons to sew on dresses, and more, more of everything I want to make to put in my Etsy store in the next few weeks. But also, somehow, I want to have a posture of patience and thankfulness and enjoying each moment... (and if you would like to enjoy a moment with my little girl, come on over!)

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