Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dear Mrs Walsh.

Dear Mrs Walsh,
I am just writing to apologise for my lack of attention in Year 10 Maths. You responded to us hiding the dusters, building a bunker out of the chairs and desks, and locking you out when you were late with such humour and grace. And now, I'm afraid, it's all I remember about Year 10 Maths.
The other day I was trying to make a hexagon shaped quilt and I had to get my nerdy, engineering husband to tell me I needed equilateral triangles to achieve this. I also couldn't remember that they all needed to be cut at 60 degrees. (Thankfully my cutting ruler anticipated this and I didn't have to work out how to do it!)

Then, when I worked out I wanted my quilts to be 90cm wide at the widest point, it was with great humility that had to ask Tim how big I needed the triangles, which he proceeded to work out in his notebook. It looked like Russian. Actually, I would have had a chance with Russian because I paid attention at University. (Thank goodness I didn't marry an artist!)
If only we had known that at the ripe young age of 31, I would be needing the trigonometry I learned half a lifetime ago, maybe you could have convinced me to do my homework.

Please feel free to tell your current year 10 students that I now regret thinking Maths was irrelevant.
Your's sincerely,

Ok. Now I have that off my chest, I can show you the (nearly) finished product!
 This is another drawstring play mat, this time made from lots of strips sewn together then cut into many equilateral triangles.

 Cute, funky fabric for baby to play on,

Mature, funky fabric for the outside when it becomes a bag to hold the toys and throw in the car, ready for when you're going to a place (like mine) where you know they don't vacuum nearly enough. I'm just waiting on my very exciting birthday purchase for the fabric for the drawstring.
And then I'm taking them to market! Yes! My friend Anna and I got into the Newcastle Handmade Market. Woo! Come see us near Charlestown Square (google it for more details) on September 10 to say hello and run your hands over my neat piles of colour. I can't wait!

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  1. ooohh i love this one! Those colours!
    I'll be thinking of you on Sept 10. :)


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