Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hand-made Christmas Catch-up

I finally get to show you more of my Christmas sewing! We went to my brother and sister-in-law's home for a belated Christmas lunch on Saturday I proudly gave my first ever batch of home-made Christmas gifts. This is bright, lovely William with his new, reversible rocket shorts!

You saw this sneak peek last week. It was a "Sidewalk Satchel" for my mum, from a pattern by Anna Maria Horner. I ended up chickening out and asking her to choose the fabric because our taste is sometimes different. She chose well, don't you think?

I was very brave with my sister-in-law Ashleigh, because I knew she likes green and aqua and I had this old 'Garden Party" fabric by Anna Maria. It's out of print, and one of my very favourites, but I know from experience I love it even more made into something, and I made a commitment last year not to hide (hoard) beautiful fabrics on my shelf forever, but to bring them out for everyone to enjoy.

And finally, sweet little Ellianna, who loved her apron, but HATED having her photo taken!

It was such a lovely day, catching up after so long, because none of us live near each other. And it's so nice to be home again, this time for a while. It feels like a routine is starting to settle, the ideas and motivation starting to flow, and with Evie now in daycare one day a week, I even have a whole, uninterrupted Crafty Tuesday every week!
How about you? How is your year starting to take shape?


  1. love that Anna Maria bag! I have a hard time sharing my favorite fabrics but when I do, I really enjoy working with it and I usually give it to someone that I see often (ya know so that I can still visit whatever it is that I made).

  2. What a lucky family! Truly gorgeous gear - you are a talented woman xxx


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