Tuesday, 3 January 2012

In the Summertime.

I have had such a wonderful holiday. I have hardly been near a computer or sewing machine till today. (I thought I'd give you a sneak peek above, more later!) We've had the most perfect weather, fun visitors, yummiest food, beautiful gifts. I've been so encouraged by your response to my Christmas Poem and had to read over it again a few times to remind myself of the real Christmas treasures whenever discouragement threatened to ruin my rest. To those who have asked, please feel free to share it. If it's online, please link back to the original post. Thank you!

Tim's dad brought down his old trampoline that Tim was given by his grandparents at the same age. We set it up Christmas morning as one of Tully's gifts. He has not stopped jumping since, without a thought or care for it's age or lack of shine.

We got out in the garden, moved the chook pen, pulled out weeds, enjoyed the sunshine. We mulched the space where the chickens were, ready for a huge new vege garden. And our fruit trees have fruit for the first time! This is the longest I've lived in the one house (2 years) since I left home 13 years ago and it's so settling to enjoy a garden grow.

And, after six months of dreading being outside because of Evie's obsession yet lack of skill with these stairs, she has finally conquered them! This little spotty girl has spent the days going up and down and up and down, stopping to eat the gravel, and coming back up again. So with the kids playing happily on the trampoline and riding their bikes on the driveway and climbing stairs, my best friend Candy, up for the holidays, and I have spent our days sitting on the back deck in the shade, drinking coffee and playing games. I love these summer days, when the breeze is still cool, before January brings its stifling heat. But I am so, SO ready to be back here with you. And I can't wait to show you some of the things I have in mind. Happy New Year! May it bring peace, creativity and the treasures that matter. xx


  1. It's good that you've been enjoying some time off. :-)

    And how awesome to get an old school trampoline. They are way better then the new netted ones, and I'm sure this one is a lot more meaningful anyway. How on earth did it last this long? When I was a kids ours only lasted for a few years before rough play wore out the springs, and sometimes legs from putting them up on their sides!

  2. Happy New Year Jodi! Gorgeous pictures and what a great Christmas :)

  3. am very jealous of your weather, having endured gale force winds and hail today :-(

  4. I enjoy your writing and photography, but maybe I have told you that. If the trampoline could speak it would say that it is very happy with its new home.


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