Thursday, 5 January 2012

Little Aprons

These three little aprons were my favourite Christmas presents to make these holidays. It could have been because they were just a pile of squares and rectangles cleverly manipulated into something beautiful.

Or it could have been the process of choosing colours with my wonderfully creative mother in law. I wish I had a photo to show you of every piece of fabric I own put in colourful piles all over my studio floor! If we hadn't held back, I think we would have made 20!
Or it could have been staying up late into the night getting them all done together before the girls arrived. I love sewing in company!

Or it could have been because these precious little girls didn't take them off all Christmas Day and refused to wipe their hands on them. (That's what they're for, I assured them!)

Or how when they came to my house the next day, the first job was to put them back on to make these butterfly crayons.

I loved playing with pictures and spots and gingham, letting them be a little funky, a little 'country kitchen' and, I think, very pretty!

I can't wait to give this little one to my two year old niece on Saturday! An apron for a two year old! I can't think of anything cuter!

These aprons are fully lined and easily made reversible. I think a few will be popping up in the shop over the coming months, and custom orders are always welcome! The pattern is by Tenderfeet Stitches.

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  1. These are so cute - and so very feminine :) I gave aprons to my nieces a year ago for Christmas and had orders for more in November - they grow so quickly!


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