Wednesday, 21 March 2012

In the Making: Catching Up

Hello! It's been a while! My head is so full of ideas and colour and fun orders, I'm letting myself get lost in the sewing room and at the park with the kids and snuggling in front of a movie, rather than being online. I'm not sure how long it will last but I hope to give you at least a weekly update while it does. :)
Here's just some of the things I've been making this week...

Some pretty dresses, including some from scraps! Will reveal more soon!
And some more blocks for my red scrappy quilt...

Warm jackets! I just can't get enough of putting these together: the colours, the gathers. Most of my customers are from the other side of the world and getting ready for spring, but when it's cloudy and cold, I can't help it. All I feel like making is warm winter jackets.

I'm making a second 'Meet the Gang' drawstring quilt. It's easy as pie to throw together. You can buy the pattern for the drawstring binding (and a stripy quilt) here and instead of making a patchwork hexagon, I just used a whole piece of this 'patchy' design. I'll show you more soon.

A while ago, I made a quilt top out of pastels and then put it aside. I just wasn't sure about it. So yesterday, I took to it with the scissors and cut two pinnies from it. Ahhh, that's better! Can't wait to see them finished!
And last but not least, soft flannel bibs! These, once finished with velcro, will become part of a very special giveaway I'll announce next week. My biggest yet! Stay tuned!
Well I'm off to sew in the quiet. Chat soon! xx

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday...

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  1. Well, two things are very clear to me from this post -- you've been busy and we have the same exact taste in fabrics!! :)

    Enjoy your time unplugging!!

  2. Wow you've been very busy!! Loving all the items you've made, The colour combos really work well together! Can't wait to see a bigger picture of the finished items =D

  3. All that beautiful colour! I think I just fell in love :o)

  4. oh beautiful work as always Jodi! love those dresses so much x

  5. Wow! So many great WIPs, I can't wait to see them all!

  6. Oh my goodness- you have some of the cutest projects going! Love it all!

  7. You've been busy!!!

    I love that you made pinnies out of a quilt top! You are amazing!


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