Thursday, 8 March 2012

making a day, or two.

I received two special gifts this week.
We were sitting in Aunty Gina's lounge room, the kids finally asleep, sipping tea and chatting while I stitched away at my woven mini. Suddenly Gina's eyes lit up with regognition.
"I think I have something you could use!"
She rushed off to another room and came back with this plastic box. I opened it to find the most beautiful array of perle cotton.
"I found it at an op shop (thrift store) and didn't know what it was but knew it had to be special and someone would love it!"
I could hardly believe that person was me! For my hand stitching I'd been using left-over cotton from an old cross-stitch I never finished. This was just beautiful.
It made my day.

Then, in the post came a little parcel.
A few weeks ago I asked Collette from Poppy & Poochie to make me one of her sweet needle books for me and told her I would pay more than she was asking because I know the work that goes into handmade, and I didn't just want to be paying for materials. We agreed on a price and she went to work.
A couple of weeks later this little package arrived at my door with not just a needle book, but the most adorable pin cushion wrist band. Collette! You were supposed to keep the extra for yourself!
Later when I told a friend the story, she couldn't believe how much I'd paid for a needle book. But I hadn't. I'd paid for valuing someone's time, making their day and then an extra special surprise! Make sure you have a look at Collette's shop on Etsy.

Next time you're in the market for a day-maker, buy handmade! You get something for yourself aswell!

(And don't forget you can vote for my Woven Mini HERE till Friday. Thanks! xx)


  1. wow how wonderful to get that box of threads! i bet you treasure that! it is weird seeing photos of the things I made you all the way in Australia!!! thanks for the mention x

  2. The box of threads is amazing...I better keep my eyes peeled!! Love the needle book!!! You're so lucky!! =D

  3. I just gave you a Liebster award.

  4. Hurrah!! What a gorgeous box of thread :) The needle book and pincushion are adorable too!


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