Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Working with white (and LAMINATE!)

Custom orders always excite me. They give me a chance to work with colours and ideas that I hadn't thought of before. So when a lovely customer from London approached me with her special request, my mind started buzzing!

She had three requirements for her quilt. It would be made in creams and whites, it needed to be insulated against their cold tile floors, and she wanted it to be waterproof to be able to use for picnics or nappy-free time. And on top of this, the quilt really needed to be machine washable. I agreed to do some research for her.

 I am so thankful for the crafting community and how helpful they were. I received such quick and helpful replies from Kathy from Pink Chalk Studio and other Etsy sellers. I asked if I should use wool batting, what laminated cotton they recommended, what it was like to sew with, and to wash.
Then Kelly from Oilcloth Addict came up with the idea that made it all possible!

She suggested I use Insul Bright, the wadding used for pot holders and cooler bags. Of course! It was much easier to wash than wool, and its special insulating properties return the heat or cold back to its source. She also told me that the laminate could be washed on a gentle cycle, and even put in the dryer! (though this alters the feel of the laminate slightly)
I ordered this laminated creamy dot print from Heather Bailey as well as some other fun prints at the most amazing price and postage rate. (I still don't know how these girls fit that yardage in the prepaid envelope!) I highly recommend Oilcloth Addict for their service, expertise and range. Thanks Kelly!

The laminated cotton was hard to sew, especially with the laminated side down and my small machine. In the end I opted for quilting the top, Insul-Bright and an extra layer of cotton together and then hand-stitching the laminated back on. Adding the binding was super easy, and because the laminate is soft and supple, it gathers into the bag really nicely.
Oh the ideas it opens up! Can you imagine that little autumn jacket made in beautiful, bright laminate? Or a drawstring quilt with a pocket so it can double as a change mat/nappy bag as well? If you don't hear from me for a while it's because I'm lost in my sewing room!

Have you worked with a new medium lately? Has it opened up a whole new world for you?



  1. That play quilt is beautiful! It reminds me of rice pudding with nutmeg sprinkles and the little touches of lace are adorable :)
    As for new materials, I'm always slow to the party, I've recently fallen in love with voile for quilting. I've ran off two single quilts with it already this year and I can already see some more on the horizon!
    We have just started playing with making our own felt too, very addictive family fun! We make the felt and madam gets to play making critters and such (So do I really!)

  2. Oh my goodness, you've outdone yourself!! This is so beautiful, I adore the lace and the backing is so perfect. It's so pretty and practical too! Can't wait to see what you create next! I bet that's one VERY satisfied customer! :)

  3. this is just beautiful! love the laminate on the back and the colour scheme x

  4. Wow looks great!! Love the colours, they give a nice country style look to the quilt =D

  5. I love the mix of whites and creams you used, beautiful!! And great job with the laminate, I've seen some patterns using it to make rain jackets and such, but I'm afraid of it... :)

  6. I imagine your customer will be thrilled- I would be!


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