Thursday, 3 May 2012

All the things you leave till later...

This week I've ticked (checked?) boxes, kicked goals, cross off the list all those things you leave till later. I've had my cousin Naomi coming over on my sewing days to help me with custom order while I do all those fiddly bits. Gosh I work well with company!

Elastic, buttonholes and buttons, top-stitching and snipping threads. And then, miraculously, a sunny day, perfect for photos.

And then a nice long sleep time after our visitors came to play yesterday to edit, crop and put up in the shop.

And then about 5 loads of washing, hung out, brought in, folded and away. YES!

Fresh Poppy Design


  1. Oh WOW! I loooove those jackets, Jodi. How beautiful!!

  2. They have got to be the most adorable children s outfits I've seen!!! =D

  3. That Little Apples dress? Adorable. Like, I wish I could have one in my size? (Okay, maybe not quite. But almost. Alllllmost. ;)

  4. Divine jackets! My goodness you're a talented one :-)

  5. Your work is just so lovely Jodi! Love those little shorts sooo much!

  6. Goodness me on cuteness overload!! I'm featuring you tomorrow!

  7. Jodi,

    I love the jackets they are darling. You did a fantastic job and I adore your fabric choices.


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