Monday, 14 May 2012

Lists, Linny Pinny and a Winner!

Good Morning! How are you? It's a sunny, sewing Monday morning here in Newcastle and Tim's taken Tully and Eve to Daycare. The coffee has got my fingers typing a little faster than my brain and I'm ready to tick things off my list! These triangles are for another Little Folks Chevron Quilt for a custom order, ready to iron flat and start piecing together.

Some funky boy fabric laid out, ready to show a customer for some custom shorts. I just these prints together, what do you think?
And this photo below (I've just got my phone for photos this week!) absolutely does not do justice to this stunning velveteen and flannel jacket! I'll try to get some better ones to show you before it gets posted to its new little owner. Today is Buttonhole Day. Oooh, I get butterflies thinking about it! I haven't ruined one jacket yet, though!


Last night I had lots of fun launching my new Linny Pinny line on my Facebook Page. This is the technical skill I've been lacking and finally convinced Tim to give me some lessons.  The top photo I edited on Picmonkey, but they don't yet have collage-making tools, so I needed help using Gimp, a free, completely unintuitive program we already had on our computer. I think I won in the end, don't you?

Now for a winner of the Fugly Party Giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone that entered. In a week of new baby teeth and other challenges, your thankful comments were a constant encouragement to me!
Now, because Tim's out, I can't do a screen grab (one thing at a time!), but I'm happy to announce that chose number 40! Congratulations Pippa! I hope you find some treasures in my stash!

Pippa Parsons said...
I tweeted it!/me0wp00/status/200309073340674048

Have a lovely week! And go check out the rest of my Linny Pinnies on Facebook or Flickr! I'm pretty chuffed with them!
Jodi. xx


  1. Happy Monday morning to you! Your pinnies are so pretty and that jacket...swoon. Here in the states I'm set to enjoy a quiet Sunday night =)

  2. Your pinnies are soooo cute and that jacket is beyond-words gorgeous!

  3. Happy sunny Monday Jodi. I am at work today but wish I was at home ticking things off my to do list... One thing at a time though. Working = more $a so I can renovate sooner & for that I am greatful.

  4. They are all just adorable!

  5. Yep, I see those two fabrics together :) The jackety thingy is suuuuper cute!

    I miss you alll!!!!

  6. You make the cutest clothes! Adorable!

  7. I'm thrilled to win, will email u in a sec :)


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