Thursday, 6 September 2012

A skirt in sleep time.

I promised Tim I would have a week off this week. I haven't really stopped since way before the market and my brain is feeling a little fried. So I'm limiting my online time to an hour at lunch time (no checking my phone the moment I wake up!), going to bed early, and spending more time outside. I can already start to feel the life coming back. :)

I made this skirt yesterday in rest time and wanted to show it to you before my hour is up!
A while ago I made this long strip of patchwork with skirts in mind. But those of you who know me will know I don't often work with pastels. And it soon got shelved while I moved on to richer colours.

But yesterday I felt like a project I could finish in rest time. I used the reversible skirt tutorial by Whimsy Couture and changed it a little to fit my new Map print by Sarah Jane.

I fussy cut a line of anchors (gosh I love these!) and added them as a border.

Then sewed the 2 sides together, unpicking it about 100 times due to silly mistakes, and finally, voila!


A reversible skirt, size 3 yrs. Quite sweet, I think!
It now awaits the next verdict: in the shop or gifted?


  1. Thank you for publicly identifying me to your adoring readership as the source of a Tickle and Hide dry-spell. :P

    1. Return her to us rested and unfried and I'm sure the townspeople will put the pitchforks and torches away :o). It takes a special mister to have the courage to point out a frazzled mamma/mumpreneur. Enjoy your time out Jodi!

  2. Oh Jodi it is gorgeous. I love the pastel flora's with the pink spot border and the map with the pink anchor border. It is just divine. I am glad you are finding your spell restorative. I on the other hand am stitching at a hundred miles an hour filled with motivation and inspiration thanks to my time spent with you preparing for the markets. It was just the tonic I needed to get me creating : )

  3. I love pastels! My 3 year old would just love that skirt xx

  4. Adorable and sweet!! I love this! It was so good for me to take the time off that I did. Now that I'm back, I feel refreshed! I'm moving a little slower, that's for sure -- unsure if that's good or bad? But I feel good! I hope that cutting back is good for you, too!

  5. Gosh that is such an adorable skirt, the reversible effect makes it even better. I think you should sell a few of them =D

  6. I would love to buy this skirt. Is it for sale?

  7. This skirt is truly gorgeous! You also have a very pretty rotary cutter!

  8. Love it Jodi! Is it a big size 3?? If not then I need to have a look at that pattern, and your stash ;)


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