Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Little Model

It's getting harder to use my little model for photo shoots. She knows what she wants now, and it's usually doing her own thing. She seems to have moved past the 'fun to please mum' stage into the 'fun to say no!' stage. But my new Out to Sea pinafore, while beautiful on the coat hanger, was calling to be modelled on a little girl, even (or maybe especially?) one who wouldn't stand still.
At least she really wanted to wear the dress!

"Mum, boat!"

You might recognise by now, Sarah Jane's Out to Sea. It's just perfect for little clothing. I'm having so much fun putting a few simple prints together for a stunning result. Do you like the little pleat I've added? I do!

Hide and Seek.

I think I'm slowly learning the art of letting a photo shoot happen, even if they involve some tackling on the driveway. It's important to keep the model happy. It's amazing what a song and a lens cap will achieve! Though, we did have the neighbour come outside to see what we were up to!


And then we cross our fingers that it wore her out enough for a big sewing-session-length nap!


  1. Adorable! It's the perfect print.

  2. I adore this kind of dress, I'll wait for your tutorial, it seems pretty easy to sew, maybe not ^_^
    I have a two year girl and I'd like to make her one as nice as yours!

  3. Love it Jodi, I especially love the little pleat which I had already decided I loved before I read your question. Looks to me like the kids are just playing Tickle & Hide which sounds totally in character for your photo shoot : )
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow.
    Jodi R

  4. What a darling dress, and leggings to boot!

  5. The pleat is gorgeous Jodi!! What a beautiful, beautiful pinnie :) Well done. And gorgeous models too :)

  6. Super sweet photos! And, yes, I like the pleat.


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