Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Field Study is making me happy. 

I have even been tempted to write a song. I have been stitching faster, staying up later.

 I had been so uninspired by the colours I had chosen for my Modern Medallion quilt. I was happy, but that was back in Autumn, where colours are supposed to be rich and broody. In Spring, they should sparkle.

As soon as my package arrived, I knew I should add some to my little pile of colours. I was so please to have purple that wasn't maroon, and aqua that wasn't grey.

 And they do sparkle, don't you think?

Ooh! And a winner! Congratulations #53, Jennet! I will email you shortly! Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway. Every time I got a message, I thought, "Oh, I hope you win!"
Jodi. xx


  1. Oh my gosh!! I won?? I am so, so excited!! Thank you so much! I will keep an eye out for your email. :)
    featheredneststudio [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Love the paper piecing... looks beautiful.

  3. The change in seasons really does change our color moods. I'm amazed that it has this power! Adding sparkle to your quilt - what a perfect way to put it!

  4. Very creative and soooo beautiful!

  5. Such gorgeous prints! They work well with the paper piecing =D

  6. Fun! I just checked everyone's blogs last weekend to see how people were coming along on this quilt cause I'm nosy, glad you posted today!

  7. Ahhhh! This is going to be AMAZING!! I am loving my Field Study, too! The colors that always make up AMH's collections are so rich and powerful! I'm so happy yours arrived just in time to inspire you Jodi!!

  8. Oh my gosh so beautiful!!! I'm saving for some Field Study - so gorgeous!

  9. Wow! Your blog is just chalk full of eye candy! Gorgeous English paper piecing project ; )


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