Friday, 3 February 2012

Learn from Me: a Very Sticky 'Big Ideas'

Photo by Juicy Bits
We set off for playgroup a little rushed this morning. A text message reminded me last night that I had offered to make these amazing yarn mache balloons for craft today. I packed the PVA craft glue and the wool in a bag and thought, This will be fun!

So, here's what you need to make these beautiful yarn balloons:
Coloured yarn
PVA/ craft glue and a tray/bowl
A much better child:parent ratio than we had!

Cut the yarn into long strips and put the glue into the tray or bowl for dipping.

 Dip the yarn the a tray of glue and wrap around the inflated balloon.

Leave to dry. Then pop the balloon!

So, here's what you can learn from us!!
- Try it at home first before giving toddlers glue!
- Maybe just leave it at home! This would have worked really well with Tully outside, while Eve slept inside.
- the wool really does need to be wrapped around, not just plonked on top (see our sad photo below:)). So the crafter needs to have enough co-ordination (and long enough arms) to hold the balloon, dip the yarn and wrap. Or you need 2 people per balloon.
- you could dip all the yarn first, or you could hang the balloon first, so you weren't trying to do so many things at once.
- Laugh, clean up and do the rest another time. If you've got kids that are playgroup age, there will probably be a meltdown. :)
- I think this would actually work heaps better with school aged kids. I would even enjoy doing it on my own one day. I would love to make a string of them to hold lights in!


  1. Oohhh!.......................... Pretty? lol

  2. oh this reminds me of many a craft session with the kids that starts off with the greatest intentions then descends into chaos and mess! they are pretty. x

  3. Well the demo ones look fab. Maybe better, as you say, for older children! I expect they had fun time anyway:)

  4. Looks like something I would like to try but NOT with my children (who are wrestling behind me as I type ARGH!).


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