Monday, 6 February 2012

A Newcastle Sunday Morning

Well, it turns out the camera on my phone is pretty ordinary so these photos will just have to serve as a shadowy reminder of our beautiful ride around the Newcastle coast yesterday morning.

I never go bike riding. Ever. When Tim dreams up the amazing multi-person-powered vehicles he could create, I get butterflies. But our neighbours gave us this bike. and Tim fixed it up. And then he bought a little bike trailer on Ebay. And then he woke me up early with fresh coffee. I just couldn't keep saying no.

Before we rode down the first hill ("I'm sorry, Tim? How am I supposed to get back up this hill??"), Tim said, "Jo, if there's anything you need to get from this bike ride, it's that you have the most amazing...
legs? hair? blue eyes??
...paint job."
Sometimes Tim and I are very different.

We rode down the headland you can see in the very back of the 3rd shot, around Newcastle Beach, past the baths, around Nobby's Beach, past the lighthouse and out along the break wall. We got the kids out at the end of the wall and had a run around and watched the coal ships head back out to China.

On the way back up that wretched hill, we saw a pod of at least 20 dolphins playing in the waves. It was breathe-taking. A wonderful reward.
"Wow! Thank you, God!" I exclaimed.
"Mum, how does God talk?" Tully asked.
"Well," I answered, "Sometimes he sends a whole heap of dolphins swimming past to say, 'Hey, Tully, you're wonderful!'"
"Hmmm," he agreed, "Yes, I am."


  1. Jodi that's so precious!! What a great husband getting you on the bike, bet you're glad you did ;)

  2. gorgeous photos of a sweet family! Love it looks like a fab time was had by all! Can't wait till our weather gets a little warmer here. x

  3. Wow, so jealous of where you are! Looks stunning. My hubby comes up with plans like this for the two of us sometimes and I think he's crazy, but it winds up being a fun, bonding time. Gotta love 'em :)

  4. Yay glad you got out on a bike again! and I love Tully's sense of self-worth! so great.

  5. That's awesome! We had a bike trailer on our holiday and I wanted to bring it home it was so fun! Mind you, Luke was definitely the one pulling it :o) my legs and butt are still sore just from pulling me! You definitely earned your coffee that day :o)


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