Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Tale of Two Blocks, Part 1: Scrappy Pocket Pillow

It all started with two blocks. Just like this one.
I said, "I've made these two blocks. And now I'm a little bit overwhelmed at turning them into a whole quilt."
Then she said, "Maybe another skirt."
And I said, "Hmmm."
And she said, "It would make a cool cushion (pillow)."
And I remembered this post by Nova about her pocket pillow. I remembered reading it, feeling like someone had watched me all those years, travelling with my pillow. Books, water bottle, a snack and my journal thrown into the pillowcase. A pillow with a pocket!

Do you ever get those moments when you feel like you're 8 again? When you're given something that little girl would have loved. That's how I felt yesterday making this pillow. I was making it for that little girl. And it made me feel all giggly.

 My giggly excitement had the slight drawback of not putting any thought into how to put this together before I started. I was going to attach some cream cotton below the top piece to go under the pocket piece before I quilted, but I forgot. I was going to put a border around the two half blocks to make the cushion bigger. But I forgot.

It did mean I didn't mind so much as my giggly 14 month old did her empty-the-scrap-bin dance.

I tried machine binding for the first time. (I normally finish my binding by hand.) I missed every corner. :) (advice welcome!)

But finished, it was perfect. I took more photos than I ever do. I talked to Tully about it in the bath. I chatted over dinner. I felt like I was 8 again. 


  1. This is such a cute project. I love when a little project like that gets me all giddy, so fun! :) I also almost always miss my corners...hopefully someone here has some advice that I can benefit from as well!

  2. No wonder you were giddy - this looks like such a fun project :) I wouldn't mind advice on machine binding also - so I'll check back to see if you get any, lol.

  3. That is so cute! Fabulous idea! And I think yours came out beautifully.
    Sorry I can't give tips on machine binding, I've not tried it yet :/

  4. Super cute!! It looks beautiful! I've given up on machine binding and only just started hand stitching mine :)

  5. What a cute idea! And baby...XXo


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