Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Tale of Two Blocks Part 2: Wrap Skirt.

Once upon a time there were two scrappy blocks. Destined never to become a quilt (I got a serious case of cold feet!), they were forever separated and made into two, beautiful, individual pieces of scrappy goodness. You can read about the fate of the first block here.

The second, as you can see, became a reversible wrap skirt. And I have to say I'm just as tickled about how this turned out as I was with my pocket pillow.

 I used the same pattern as this scrappy skirt. And the same amount of planning (none) as my pocket pillow. I wanted a border on my pillow, I could have probably done without here. Though, I do like what the orange brings. Maybe a smaller scrappy block next time?

For the reverse, I used this funky, retro butterfly print. I was saving it for something like this. I love it!

And, I think I might just go put this in my Etsy shop. Though it does look like it was made for my beautiful friend Sharon, don't you think? Maybe we could strike up a deal! :)


  1. Your skirt looks great - I love the retro butterfly print. Please can you email me with your address and to clarify which chicken fabric you liked :)

  2. Love it! It's beautiful!! The orange ties it all together :)

  3. Super cute!! I love these tales, you should do more! :)

  4. Clever idea! The skirt is adorable!


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