Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Study in Grey

It always surprises me with quilt-making that you will cut a huge chunk of squares, sew, cut, press, for what seems like forever, lay out your pieces, and end up with only about half a metre (2 feet) square of patchwork. Tell me I'm not the only one! I had plans for this quilt to end up much bigger, but as it turns out, I have only about 150 half-square-triangle squares' worth of motivation before I start twitching. :)

It was also only going to have one shade of that middle grey. But I ran out after only about 80 triangles. So I added the darker grey (sorry! I haven't recorded the names!) and the lighter bone colour, and I'm so glad I was forced to make that choice! I think it would have sat quite flat otherwise. My very favourite little bit is that hourglass (or bowtie?) in dark grey up the top, towards the middle. Can you see it? That makes me think I will be cutting triangles again soon!

I did intend all along to use this print by Lotta Jansdotter, which I bought especially, for the back (and now I have more leftover than I anticipated!) I do love how it matches the colour-simplicity but adds feminine curves. I love how it looks like it's pattern has been shaped by the random straight-line quilting. I love how the quilting only took me AN HOUR on my new machine! Maybe now that I know that, I'll give the next one a bit more time in the piecing department. But for now, this one can just enjoy being a baby quilt.


  1. It's gorgeous!!! :) Love this!

  2. Love, how zhe gray Shows the other colors, lovely

  3. Love it! The colours are so complimentary and striking! Yes, I'm the same. I feel like I've cut and pieced enough for a king size, and it's a lap quilt at best. That's why I've made two baby quilts and two lap quilts, lol.

  4. Its beautiful, those colors are perfect with those greys!

  5. Love Love Love, you know I have a thing for grey at the moment and your so right about the multiple grey's giving it beautiful depth and character. Such a beautiful quilt.

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  7. It's beautiful! And I love the back too :)


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