Saturday, 11 May 2013

Heart Transplant

I've been staring at this Modern Medallion centre for a long time. I do really like this Anna Maria Horner Clippings, but I'm making this for a special friend, and I'd started to wonder if it was a bit too brave for a centrepiece. No one puts fluoro green and blue with maroon, brown and grey like Anna Maria!
So in order to finally move forward and feel confident about it, I decided on a heart transplant.

It's been interesting editing these photos and really liking it again. Maybe it's psychological because the surgery is over? Maybe the camera picks up tone and colour in a different way to 'in person'? Whatever it is, the original sat too warm and clashy. It's a look I often love, one that got me into fabric in the first place, but this time it was paralysing me. I just couldn't motivate myself to keep putting all that hand-stitching in if I wasn't sure she would enjoy it. So I decided instead on this Centerpiece, something much more cheery and safe, but still rich in colour. And in the photos, it sits much flatter. Hmm, interesting.

I cut out little bits of iron-on transfer paper to secure the top in place then cut around the new piece close to the orange Hugs and Kisses border.
I played around with the solids I had already chosen originally for the next border to make it a bit more cool and calm.

And then I sewed up the next round. I still feel pretty unsure about the overall feel. I'm looking forward to creating the next borders to enclose those light squares with some deeper colours, to bring in more green, blue and grey. Does anyone else find it hard to make for others? (compared to just making to try something new, or because you like it?)

Oh, I nearly forgot! I was here to announce a winner and got distracted!
My random number generator chose:
Congratulations Stacy! I'll email you now! Thanks everyone for dropping by and entering! Hope you get a fun email today too!
Jodi. xx


  1. That is my all time favourite AMH print - it looks wonderful!

  2. I loooove it!!! Perfectly Awesome!!! :)

  3. Gorgeous!! I am sure your friend will love it!

  4. It absolutely works! I know what you mean -- I get nervous when I'm making for someone else too!

  5. You are so great, rippend this Off again. I know how Hard it is to decide for others. I Lied the Brown, but also the Green. Very Hard decision, but you will pick the right one!

  6. This is looking fab and I prefer the green centre. I find it much harder to sew for others - especially people I don't know well :)

  7. So clever, I would never have thought of altering a quilt top like that.

  8. "Paralysing" is exactly the word I would use! You want it to suit their taste, match their decor, and be absolutely lovely - which is kind of tall order :)

  9. I love both choices but you definitely made the right choice - just gorgeous and no I don't have the e-book...did you buy that?

  10. This was absolutely the right thing to do!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  11. Yes, yes, yes! Centerpiece is one of my favorite AMH prints ever. You can't go wrong there!


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