Tuesday, 14 May 2013

From drinking tea and talking fabric.

It all started with this last little piece. I bought a half yard of Fanfare by Anna Maria Horner probably close to two years ago now, and folded it up nice and safe in my book shelf. That was closely followed by one of those evening lightbulb moments, watching TV, where I made a decision not to buy fabric just to hide it away. Well, I used it, and as the risk of using fabric goes, some things I loved, and others I didn't. Until I was left with this tiny strip, seemingly useless except to hang in my sewing room as a little souvenir.

Then, while making my Light Strings quilt top, I realised I could totally use this last scrap of colour! I'd had in mind for a while that I would make a big Disappearing Nine Patch quilt out of my precious Anna Maria prints for our bed. But the more I searched on Pinterest and Flickr (I'm really enjoying using these for ideas on how certain fabric lines or colours work well), I was much more drawn to small pieces making up a scrappy-like quilt. Hmmm, perhaps instead of having a lot of a print I like (the way I shopped before the Fast), I can just make something to keep with a little. (Think I'll add that to the list of things I'm learning.)
Then last weekend, I was drinking tea and talking fabric with Lucy, one of my few in-real-life, quilting-nerd, Anna Maria-groupy friends, the one who showed me the world of online blogging and fabric shopping, and I was telling me her my ideas.
Then she said to me, "I could share some of my scraps with you if you like?"
And then last Friday, this is what arrived in the post:

How does one put words to that kind of generosity? You can't, really. Except, perhaps, to start making. (Thank you Lucy!!)


  1. That's the sweetest thing!! I was in a bee with Lucy and she is indeed lovely and what an amazing pile of the most stunning 'scraps'. Enjoy them :)

  2. WOW, you lucky one. So generous!!! Enjoy it!!!

  3. So generous of Lucy! Those are really gorgeous scraps :)

  4. Wow!! It will be stunning and how lovely of Lucy!

  5. So amazing! Now THAT'S friendship! :)

  6. Oh, I know that Lucy. She is one good lady. Enjoy!!! BTW, registration just opened for my HOMESCHOOL. handmade. I'm so excited with how it turned out. Eeee!


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