Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Big Ideas for Little People (and big people too!)

Last week in the crazy heat, we made confetti Christmas cards!

First, Hannah, Tully and I punched lots of holes in white and coloured paper.

We cut cardboard down to greeting card size,

used cookie cutters and glue to create a template for the confetti,

sprinkled the confetti in the cutter

And put it aside to dry while we went on to the next one!

And here they are! What do you think? They are a bit more 'handmade by a three yr old' that I envisaged but he did have a lot of fun making them and it's so nice to find a craft that you can leave a toddler to do on his own.

And when left to his own, this is what creative little Tully came up with. I think I'd almost prefer to receive this on Christmas Day! 


  1. Oh, I think they are adorable! And Tully really got the christmas colors down ;-) His card is really special!


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