Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Colour Coded

I'm sitting in the lounge room watching Tim show Evie a music video on his phone. This week, he is Mum, housewife, chef, cleaner, manager. And I only have one hat to wear. Me. And this week, 'me' just wants to sew my little heart out for my last market of the year. It feels like a little holiday, only having my head in one place. And right now, I'm itching to get to the sewing machine, but I quickly wanted to show you a couple of drawstring quilts I finished over the weekend.
I don't usually make quilts from one designer or fabric line. So it surprised me when I started playing with 5" Children at Play squares, it didn't just naturally fit together for me. I added only a couple of extra colours which looked great when they were in a pile together but laid out, it was all too much (and not just fun scrappy, like I hoped). The orange didn't go with the red or the pink. I didn't like the yellow as much as I thought. And I wasn't sure about the white.

So I just sat there on my studio floor swapping colours around for a couple of hours, feeling completely uninspired. Then I remembered I'd seen a quilt I'd liked at Red Pepper Quilts and I checked over there to see how she had worked it. And with renewed confidence, this is what I ended up with.

I kept the orange, yellow and purple out of the first and the red and pink out of the second. It was a little learning experience for me, learning to work with less colour rather than more. And I was pretty happy with how they turned out! My favourite is definitely the second. Which one would you choose?


  1. Definitely the second, but only because orange and yellow are the best colours EVAR!!! I especially love the bike print.

  2. I would choose the first one but that is just this week. Next week it could be the second. I choose by what inspires me daily.
    Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the first one. I too am just learning that sometimes fewer colours work better than more! I am having a run on making scrappy tote bags, and have found just three fabrics, sometimes with a solid, works well for me x

  4. I like the second one best but they're both gorgeous! Only one thing to focus on... oh that would be so wonderful!! What a great husband you have!

  5. i love the second one too, though it all looks gorgeous if you ask me! which markets do you sell at?


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