Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Winner and a Birthday Girl.

A year ago today, I was sitting in a waiting room, hospital gown on, filling out forms, knowing that in a few hours my little girl would be born via caesarean. It was such a strange feeling, having it arranged and filed and in line. So different to what I expected in birth.
And here we are are, a whole year later! All those decisions and nerves and anxious waiting a blur. And to replace it, a beautiful little girl who dances and scrunches up her nose to smile and tries to push her big brother over to steal his food.
And doesn't sit still for the camera any more. (Newborns are so easy to photograph, don't you think?) Trying to get a photo a year on this morning to show you all, this is what we came up with:

Not interested in her new birthday doll or looking at me. I just really want to climb down the stairs, Mum!

But I know, you don't want a million photos from a doting mother! You want to know who won! Well, let me just say first, that I was so encouraged and overwhelmed by the response to the competition and my work. Thank you so much for joining in, it makes it so fun!
Mr Random Number Generator, when asked who should win their very own one of a kind drawstring quilt, answered...

Congratulations Issabella the Cat, who won with this comment:
Issabella The Cat said...
Hmmm well back soon turned into an internet outage and then bed! I really love your colour wheel's they are really pretty :)
Your bags would be great for wool stashing too!

Issabella the Cat was my first entrant and then went to look at my store for her second comment. Good thing your internet went down or you may have been number 2 or 3! Email me with your address and I'll post it off to you! 

Ok! Thanks everyone! I'm off to make cake! xx


  1. I want more pictures from a doting mom!! She is just beautiful!!! Happy birthday, little girl!!

    Congrats to Issa Ella the cat.
    Have you seen her work? She amazing!

  2. Birthday wishes little girlie!
    She'll be down those stairs like greased lightening soon :D

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful quilts, I'm over the moon that I've won!

  3. Happy birthday to that cuteness! And congratulations to Isabella the Cat.

  4. great pictures - and Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl


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