Tuesday, 8 November 2011

To Market, to Market!

Whew! What a big weekend! Old friends, new kids. It's so strange going back to where you grew up and recognising  nearly every second person who walked past. People I was in Sunday School with, now with their own little ones.

I set up stall with my friend Caitlin of Cloudberry (find her on Facebook!) and I tell you, I think one of the most fun things was playing with the camera and her CUTE little clips, earing and brooches. You can see here she's raided my scrap box!


Evie was the perfect little model, chatting to everyone, drawing them to my table, giving us things to talk about.

And my poor, poor Tully. He found it so hard to get to sleep the night before, such was his excitement. Then his shoes gave him blisters, there were prickles in the grass, he discovered the jumping castle was not just there for him and he got face paint in his eyes. My heart just broke for him. He'd been looking so forward to this day (he'd woken us all up at 5:30 announcing it was day time!) Thankfully, he likes this photo and is very impressed (in hindsight!) at what a great tiger he was!

This was the drawstring quilt I donated to the charity auction which went for a very good price, and then the person who was outbid, came and bought one at my stall! Win-win! I sold quite a few dresses, and the quilt, which, combined with the rush of sales last night after I put all the new dresses up (thanks everyone!!), gives us $100 towards our Christmas hampers for Poland! And we're only a week into November! Woo!

Thank you new and old friends who have wished me well and said such encouraging things about my work! All these lovelies are now in store for your enjoyment!


  1. well done on your market success!! The dresses are so cute and the little hair clips your friend makes are awesome! Great stuff. x

  2. Wow!!!! You girls are awesome! Great job evie for bringing in the customers!!!!


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