Monday, 28 November 2011


It's only 2 days till:

a) The end of November! (Can you believe it?) Which means you only have a little time left for your purchases from my shop to contribute to Christmas Hampers in Poland.
b) Mr Random Number Generator draws the lucky winner from comments left under the giveaway post. Go enter now to win your choice of my drawstring quilts! (and then come back so you can read...)
c) Evie's 1st birthday! And to celebrate, we're having a little pre-Christmas sale! Lots of dresses reduced!

See you Wednesday with some cake!
Jodi. x


  1. I want to win a draw string quilt!

  2. Happy Birthday Evie! I'd love to be a winner :)

  3. Love your fabrics! Will be checking out your sale.

  4. I love your drawstring quilts!
    I am having difficulties commenting from my blog sign - in. Check out if you are keen, Jodi
    Loving seeing updated pics of your precious fam.
    Kim Graham x


I so love your comments! I read all of them and reply when I can. If you don't hear back, I'm lost under a mound of scraps or outside jumping on the trampoline with the kids. Jodi. xx