Friday, 14 October 2011

Baby Brain

I finished this winter jacket for Eve Lily last week. I was so happy with how it turned out until I put it on her and started to take photos...

Doesn't it fit her beautifully? And if we lived on the northern side of the globe, it would be perfect for the up coming winter. Lots of room to grow or put layers underneath...
Wait a minute...I thought as I tried my best whistles and raspberries to get Evie's attention... it fits her now. Did I really cut a size 0?
I double checked. I did. I can't believe it. We're about to head into summer here. What was I thinking?

I decided I could just sell it in my shop and make Eve another.
Then I found this:

RED THREAD!? Where did you come from? Did I forget to change the bobbin thread after I sewed up the dark pink side? Can I still blame this on baby brain after 10 months? How did I not notice this earlier, like back when it would have been easy to unpick??

So it may just have to wait for the next baby girl born at the right time of year (on the right side of the globe) to be given as a gift. When I forget what a disaster this was, I still really love it. I love the way Anna Maria Horner's 'Folksy Flannel' range goes so beautifully with her 'Drawing Room' Home Dec range. How the deep pink and orange of the Drawing Room is highlighted in the berries and houses. It's what I look for and love most about putting colours together and making reversible clothing. It's the kind of thing that makes me feel like I'm doing what I should be.

Jodi. x

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  1. Jodi, It's gorgeous and you are way too hard on yourself! I can't wait to see the one Evie ends up with.

    Sandy K

  2. Sell it anyway! Seriously...people buy stuff on easy cause it's homemade and not perfect. Honest.
    If I had a girl I'd buy it.

  3. That is beautiful. Will that thread really show that much? I say sell it-maybe for a tiny bit less than you normally would?

  4. I say it's worth more now! Seeings a mum with a baby brain will likely be the buyer, I think they will appreciate all the more :o)

  5. Gorgeouse Jodi!
    Especially love the pics of Eve, she looks adorable with that smile and that jacket. :)
    It looks like you almost need a magnifying glass to see the red thread!

  6. This is SO CUTE!! It is so fun to sew for little ones. The colors are quite entertaining - they make you smile!

  7. Wow, you picked gorgeous fabrics that go together SO well for this jacket. The red thread adds character!
    (Visiting from Stitched in Color) Good luck in the comp!
    Cheers, Christie

  8. I love it! I would buy it had I a girl that small. Alas, mine is 7 and I can barely remember her that small. I think the jacket looks great. Great fabrics!!


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