Friday, 7 October 2011

Revenge of the Teeth.

Few! What a week. I quickly realised on Tuesday that my sewing and blogging to-do list for the day was to become my to-do list for the week. It's funny. I had a sneaking suspicion that my plans for a super sewing bonanza could be derailed by one little girl and her poor gums. 10 months of wondering when these little teeth would arrive and they come now!?
Thankfully, Rossi came to our rescue, making cups of tea, taking Evie for walks, taking my little sold packages to the post office.
For those visiting again from Celebrate Color, I don't always blog about teeth, I promise! My last entry in the competition was marked by the arrival of teeth. My 3 yr son got his teeth steadily but surely from 4 months. Eve waited till 9 months, just after I started turning this sewing hobby into a part time job, and it appears she may just busy us all with teeth-growing for the next little while until she catches up. And this week Tully's gone to stay with his grandparents and Tim has gone camping, so I had BIG hopes for what I could make. Oh well, I've been reminding myself, if my new little business venture can't take these kinds of interruptions from family life, then it's not compatible with family life.
One beautiful moment that came out of the chaos was Eve's first word! She was whinging on the floor, crawling towards me, ignoring all the toys we'd laid around her to try to keep her occuppied, when suddenly, peircing through the air, clear as anything, and with great frustration, came, "Mummy!"
Rossi and I just looked at each other in shock and I said, "Oh okay! Sewing can wait!"

Another beautiful thing which came out of the chaos was this new drawstring quilt in Autumn colours. I think it's my favourite!

I had intended to make a whole lot of colour wheel quilts like my last one but then I ran out of yellow triangles. I'm so pleased I did! (and I did take from it the little lesson of the beauty that can come out of loss, which is the story of autumn, really.)

For the quilting I tried something new (for me) and let the lines from seams continue till I had a repeated triangle pattern. I especially love the effect on the reverse where the white stitching plays well with the red and white polka dot print.

Anna Maria Horner's caramel and orange, mauves and reds are just made for an Autumn quilt, don't you think? They make me feel like drinking warm, spicy chai tea and baking bread, even though we're well and truly in the middle of spring here in Australia (and loving it!).

This new Drawstring Quilt is now available in my shop.


  1. Life happens and usually when we have other plans. Way to be positive about it though.

    I like the new color combo. I think people will like to have a choice.

  2. I love that floor quilt! Great for a take along to family.
    Oh I remember those days of teething,... I hope she goes through it quickly.

  3. This is such a beautiful quilt and such a well written post! I was nodding along and smiling the whole time :)

  4. Wow! What an exciting milestone! And wonderful that you were there to hear it, too. :)

    This new quilt is fantastic...the colours are spot on!

  5. It's gorgeous. I think it's my favourite colour-wise of all the ones you have made.

    Just divine.

    Sandy K

  6. What a clever idea - and it's beautiful!


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