Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Big Ideas for Little People (and big people too!)

I have had such a wonderful day! After a week with Tim and Tully away at various times and plans to sew, which were put on hold due to a sad baby, it was fun to have a day just to play with the kids and hang out the washing in the sunshine. No pressure or lists. And you should see little Evie! She just giggled and played happily and slept beautifully most of the day. Maybe it wasn't teeth after all? Maybe she just missed her big brother.

One of the fun things we got up to was to make our own crayons! We got the idea from our friend Anna from Feathering Nest. You should check out her beautiful nursery decor and other creative ideas for kids!
Do you have a collection of broken or worn down crayons? There was a time when Tully thought the whole point of crayons was to break them into small pieces!

So today, we spent some time tearing the paper off (I did this job because it was pretty tedious), breaking them up and sorting them according to colour in ice-cube trays.

Then we put a cup of water in the microwave and placed the tray next to it. I wasn't really sure how long they would take. I knew they took only 5 minutes in the oven on high but we didn't have silicon trays (which I would like to try for next time.)

They did take maybe 10 minutes per tray. And some of the crayons melted quicker that others so we let them cool, popped them out, then put the rest in the microwave for another round, (making sure the cup still had water in it).

So after what felt like a long time, we had some new, chunky, unbreakable crayons, ready for little hands! These would make great handmade Christmas gifts, don't you think?
Do you have any ideas for kid's (or big people) presents? We're going to try a few here over the next couple of months to see how many gifts we can keep handmade this year. We'd love to know your ideas!

Jodi. x


  1. They look fabulous! I was going to do this with my nieces and make boring muffin tin shaped ones, but your shapes are gorgeous and much more inspiring.

    Did you get the ice cube trays locally?

    Sandy K

  2. What a great idea. They look so much more exciting now!

  3. When my son was younger, he had a crayola crayon maker. We found out the hard way that they don't all melt at the same rate. It's best to use the same kind of crayons.
    I love how your's turned out! I should think about making some for a Christmas gift.

  4. Fun!!! What a great idea to give as presents


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