Monday, 10 October 2011

For the Boys.

My little boy comes home from Mama G and Pop's house today! I can't wait to see him! He's had such a wonderful time going to birthday parties and the beach and choir rehearsals. I think he's going to find coming back home very boring!
And, as I write this, my other 'boy', Tim, is at a job trial. Quick! Pray! It's for a job as a barista (making coffee). If he gets it, it will tide us over till he can find engineering work. Go Tim!

So, I thought it fitting to show you some of my boy fabrics today, and some of the ones I've got coming in.
These are some of the wonderful prints from Sarah Jane's "Children at Play" (plus a few extra stripes thrown in by oliver & s). The dresses I've made with her "On Parade" design have been my most popular.

These rockets and bikes ("the scooter one") are by far Tully's favourite. I have a particular soft spot for the paper aeroplanes and hats, and I LOVE the stripes!

Also on their way are some Herringbone by Joel Dewberry, (and some co-ordinates, but I can't remember which! They'll be here next week. Woo!)

If you enter my giveaway, closing tomorrow morning (hurry!), and choose to have boys shorts made, you can choose any of these designs. Just leave a comment at the bottom of my giveaway post to enter!


  1. I love the Children at Play range!

    I don't think there is a single print in the range that I don't like. Just ordered some myself. I'm a complete novice sewer and don't want to ruin these beautiful fabrics, but I just couldn't resist. By novice sewer, I actually mean I have never sewn!

    I can't wait to see your creations and am looking forward to seeing you at the Hopscotch Sunday Markets.

    Sandy K

  2. Love Children at Play! I bought several prints from the collection and plan to use them in a quilt for my husband (who's really a boy at heart! but aren't all men?)

    I'm crossing my fingers! I hope to win :D

  3. These are fab prints. I always found it tricky to find nice fabric for boys. Good luck to you and boys in everything you're doing :)

  4. Try not to smother your son when he gets home! But get all the hugs he will give you! They grow up too fast. My teenager won't even let me look at him lately. Hope this stage goes quickly.


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