Monday, 3 October 2011

Big Ideas for Little People (and big people too).

It's a bit of a strange week this week. Tim left yesterday morning to run a teenager's camp out in the bush till Friday. Tully has two days of daycare then heads up to the Sunshine Coast for 4 (Yes! FOUR!) nights' holiday with Pop and Mama G. It's a long weekend here so the shopping I tried to do with the kids today ended in us sitting around at a cafe eating lunch and coming home empty handed.  And Daylight Saving has my head in a spin!
And so, instead of trying out some fantastic idea to share with you, I've been getting ready for a whole week of sewing (!) and trying to remember if Eve woke up at 11am old time or new time.

I've been longing for this. A week to sew. Tim and I have spent the last 3 months doing a reasonably good job of negotiating back and forth about the house and the kids while he looks for work and I start a little business. But it takes time. And head space. And it's been hard work. The agreement has always been I'm the stay at home mum, and he's the working dad. That becomes pretty grey when my business starts off really well and work doesn't come by as quick as we'd hoped. So, while I miss him, I wonder if we need this week. A week where we know what our jobs are. Where we're not living in each other's pockets. Not constantly accountable to each other for how we spend our time.

Then, there's Tully. He's been away on little holidays before but not for this long, or this far away. It's always been just down the freeway in Sydney, where if it all falls apart, we can go get him. This time, he's going on a plane. He's there till Monday no matter what. And I know he'll have a blast, but it's still hard for a mum not to be a little bit anxious about her little boy going away.
And then, there's sewing. On the weekend, my folks came up to visit for the day and offered me a loan for my business to be able to stock up on yummy fabric for upcoming markets and the Christmas Season. It was incredibly generous and I was so certain it was what I wanted. But the moment the money was transfered into my account, I started to freak out! I lost my confidence. I've felt the same about this week. I think I've written about 20 lists of what I want to get done. All of them completely unreasonable.

So today I had a little browse around Pinterest to find some things that will help me do this week with grace and confidence. Do you like what I found?
I also found this:

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

I thought this was a cool thing to do with kids, including them in building a great culture in the home, though for our house, we would probably do it in pictures. But it also inspired me to tweak my 'to do' list for this week.

- Be kind to yourself
- Do something fun each day
- Stop when you need a break
- Celebrate your achievements
- Tell yourself the truth
- Enjoy yourself
- Do one thing at a time
- Go outside
- Play with Evie
- Rest

What do you want to get done this week?


  1. Wow, you have a lot on your plate! Exciting and scary all rolled into one.

    This week I would like to finish hand quilting for a customer (a quilt that she started 20 yrs ago for her son). It hasn't been fun and I've been dreading every second of it.

  2. I love all that word art you've found. Good luck with everything your doing!

    This week I want to finish my hexie quilt. I'm starting to get fed up it lying around on the dining table.

  3. This week I want to be able to take my baby home. I don't care if it's Saturday at 11:59pm...I want to take him HOME!!

    I totally understand and feel your pain about Tully going away for days! The longest I've been away from my boys was a date night...6 hours tops. And then I got med-a-vac'd to this hospital, 4 hours away! I didn't even kiss the pilgrims good bye! And then had to leave them at home with cousins and my Father in law for almost 2 weeks! My heart hurt!!! I'm sorry chica, you are having such a horrible week. You are in my prayers.

  4. You have so much going on...and yet you still took the time to write a beautiful post for us to enjoy. Thank you! All these things will work themselves out...but it is so hard in the moment feeling better because of that isn't it? My hubby and I need the same kind of week - and hopefully we will have it Next Week when our girls are at their Grandparent's House. I really need it!

    Um, I just want to finish my wedding orders before next week. I keep doing everything BUT, like commenting on your blog. Hahahhaaa...okay go do work Rebecca Lynne!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I love your inspiration posters. Sometimes we(me, anyway) get so caught up in what we think we can't do, that we forget about what we can. Enjoy your week!

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