Thursday, 1 September 2011

Colour, Balloons, Cute Kids and a Giveaway!

Welcome back! I thought I'd set up a little store for you in the kids' room so you could get a feel of all the colours and textures together. Etsy, though wonderful, feels more like internet shopping than a little boutique.

Here are my bibs! Not yet in store, waiting to go to market. They just feel sooo soft, made of flannel and terry toweling. Would you like one? I'm offering the first 3 customers who buy something from Tickle & Hide a free bib with their purchase! They come in boys and girls and large and small.

Oh Evie, what a beautiful little girl you are. This was my one moment this morning of baby sitting still for photo. She did not stop moving once after this! Eve's having a little play on one of drawstring mats. I haven't had a chance to put them up in store yet but if you would like one, or a custom one in different colours, they'll be for sale for $85!

Quilts, playmats and new fabric! I can't wait to show you all the things I'll be making with this over the coming months. There's lots of boy colours in there!

Our dear friend Jonathon made these balloon flowers for me for my opening today. What wonderful, thoughtful people I have around me!

So! We now declare Tickle & Hide: Clothing with Alter Ego officially open! And to celebrate, I have a special giveaway! I'm going to give a $50 voucher to a lucky winner valid until November 30! You can spend it on an item already listed or a custom item. Here's how it works: you can enter up to 2 times by leaving comments below.
Comment 1:Tell me about your most memorable or colourful celebration!
Comment 2: Become a follower of my blog or like me on Facebook (you'll have to search me as I don't have a URL yet!) or add my Etsy store to your favourites (or all 3!) and come back and let me know.

There! Easy! You can leave 1 or 2 comments below and Tim (or if we get really techy, a random number generator) will pick a number on Saturday afternoon.
Thanks so much to everyone who has said such kind things and encouraged me to keep going even when I've felt scared. This has been such a fun, learning, colourful, growing experience.

Jodi. xxx


  1. I have added you as a favourite on etsy - beautiful store Jodi!

  2. Hi Jodi, I've also added you as a favourite on etsy. Congrats on the grand opening, so proud of you! Tamsin xxx

  3. I follow, I like, and you're a favourite. :)
    Wish I was there to help you celebrate lovely Jodi! Gorgeous pics from today. Much love.

  4. Your amazing Jo! Looks fantastic both here n on etsy

  5. following and liking!
    lovely photos, all very picture perfect :)

    (I'll write you my celebration later)

  6. I am a follower :D looks cool :D

  7. Such a beautiful model you have! Love reading your blog. I'm following, liking and ur a favourite. I look forward to seeing more alter ego creations! Maybe even some boy things ;)

  8. They all look amazing :) I love how Tully and Eve are your models :) Loving the colours too! Hugs I'm so proud of you. Here's to being able to make money doing something you love!

  9. Jodi!! I'm following :D
    All of the colours are so'll just have to start making adult clothes (hint, hint).

  10. It's so beautiful!! I could just eat all these lovely colours up! Such beautiful piccys of you with your kidlets too :o) going to look at your shop now!

  11. Most colourful memory is seeing the range of big, bright hot air balloons inflating at dawn in Canberra with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. I'm sure her eyes were almost as big as the balloons :). Looking forward to seeing more of your colourful designs.

  12. Rebecca Rajendran3 September 2011 at 08:48

    Such beautiful fabric made into such beautiful clothes! Can't wait to buy! Liked you on facebook!

  13. Jodie! Everything looks amazing! I've just caught up on your news and I'm so excited :) Can't wait to see more of your creations - makes me wish I had kids :) x


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