Wednesday, 14 September 2011

According to Plan

Today hasn't gone according to plan. Tully's home sick from daycare. Tim's off sick from 'Daddy and Eve Day'. And I had a very fun, full list of things I wanted to get done today. On my own.

When Tully is sick, poor little man, he hangs out on the couch, all meek and mild, telling me all about his sick nose and his desires for ice-cream and watching the Octonauts. He asks if he can go to bed early, please and then sleeps the afternoon away. Apart from feeling sad for him, it's easy peasy.

But then comes the next stage. The "I've got all this pent up energy to burn but I'm still not well enough to go to daycare" stage. And that's what stage we're up to today. He jumps on the couch while watching TV, falls off the couch while watching TV. So I take him outside and think, 'I'll be able to take photos of bibs while he rides on the driveway.' But he jumps and falls down the stairs, the slide, the skate board.

So then we come back inside for morning tea and to tidy up the toys in his room. Tully loves when I tidy up his toys. It's probably the main time of the day when he and his favourite things get my undivided attention. We talk about each thing as it goes in the box. We pretend to post the little things through the holes cut out for handles. We play peek-a-boo with Evie through the cot bars as she plays happily in her cot.

Then Tully jumps in the cot too and says, "You should take a photo of us, Mum. Lots of photos!" And I think, well, I haven't blogged in ages, and the light is very good in here. And it would be good to get a nice photo of them together.

But do you think I can get one shot where both kids are looking at me at the same time and smiling?
"I said smile, Tully, nicely. Don't say cheese, it looks like you're in pain."
"Tully, kneel next to Eve and look at me. No, don't get too close, you'll push her over. Evie! Look at Mummy!"
Nope. Not one. Sigh.
I decide it's time for lunch, feed the hungry zoo, put Tully to bed, make myself a cup of tea and sit down.
And here I am now. Looking at these cute photos of my kids. Feeling a bit sad that I had such a certain idea of what kind of picture I wanted, of what kind of day I wanted. One where they sat still, face together, but not too close and smiled. At the same time. Where they played happily on their own and didn't need my attention.
But I didn't give birth to puppets. Or adults.
And these ones are more fun.


  1. Sitting in my car waiting to pick up my big girl from school, laughing and nodding along in complete sympathy and understanding. But I must say, super cute photos!!! Tully is wearing mums shirt from moz and they arrived there today :-) love u my friend and ur adorable, over active, sick kidlets!

  2. Can't get much more perfect than the last photo- beautiful!

  3. they are adorable photos Jodi, can't believe how much Eve has grown up!

  4. Mmmmm ! Gives us a glimpse of how our Creator feels about us too I guess !

  5. The cute or the frustrating? I think He's more patient, more accepting of the unplanned, more readily delighting than I am. :)

  6. What handsome munchkins u have!! Seriously.
    The days I have the most planned are the days everything goes wrong. Silly, I should just stop planning!!! Lol


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